Creating a playlist on Audiomack is never a difficult task, and on this article I am going to show you how to create a playlist on audiomack.

Before you are able to create a playlist on Audiomack, you must first and foremost sign in to your Audiomack account.

And if you don’t have one, you can learn how to sign up for Audiomack account here.

What is a playlist?

A playlist is the combination or ordering of different songs by different artiste based on mood and genre.

A playlist helps an audiomack user to play non stop and uninterrupted music from their favourite artiste.

Now let’s move on to see how you can create a playlist on Audiomack.

How to create a playlist on Audiomack.

Audiomack will allow you to create unlimited playlists for free as a user. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps below:

Highlight any track on your Audiomack browser and click on the + icon and a page will pop up as seen on the diagram below.

Create me playlist on Audiomack.

Now click on “Create new playlist” and another page will pop up as shown on the diagram below.

Enter your preferred playlist name on the placeholder, and the preferred genre of your playlist.

N/B: Your playlist must be based on your genre or mood.

Once you are done inputting your playlist name and genre, the create button will become yellow as seen on the diagram below.

Finally, click the create button, and your new playlist will be created instantly.

You can also click the next article and learn how to add songs and update your Audiomack playlist.

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Last modified: April 18, 2022



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