How To Convince Your Clients As A Freelancer.

On this article, I am going to show you several ways of how to convince your clients as a freelancer.

Your job as a freelancer is to use your skills in helping people carry several load off their shoulders, without having to employ someone for pay.

Why many businesses consider freelancing.

Many businesses consider freelancing because of the following reasons:

  1. It is not as expensive as employing a full time staff.
  2. They will cut down on the expenses of training their current employees.
  3. They will hire an experinced or expert in the particular field
  4. Tax and employee responsibilities will fall on the freelancer and not the employer.

Thus, many businesses out there are sourcing for freelancers to help them with their work, and as a freelancer, you need to put yourself in the position of looking for clients.

How To Convince Your Clients As A Freelancer.

Below are some of the ways you can convince your clients as a freelancer.

1. Prove to them you know their business.

Don’t forget that the expectation of your client is to work with someone who is an expert in the field they are hiring.

And for that reason, you must research and study a lot; couple that with your experiences, so you can be able to prove your expertise to clients, whenever the need calls for it.

If you are able to explain the solution to your clients problem right when they contact you, then there is nothing that is going to make you stop landing the job.

For instance, if you are an expert in web design, never be afraid to tell your clients straight to the face why and where you realize their website is not working properly.

2. Show them the end result of your work before it even begins.

After proving to your clients you know their business, the next thing you have to do is tell him exactly how the work you are going to do for him will end.

You can do this by offering concrete measures that will enable them envision the quantifiable results.

Note that most businesses will already know the results of their work, but all they need is someone to physically carry the job out.

Therefore if you are able to align your expected results with their expectations, then the job is going to be yours.

3. Show them samples.

One of the best ways to convince your clients is to show them samples.

Showing the client one example of your work can be more convincing than spending all day trying to explain to him how good you are.

This is why they say, action speaks louder than words.

As a freelancer, you must have a portfolio that contains samples of your previous work because it is one of the most essential tools that will help you convince new clients when you find them.

Even if you don’t have an official website to showcase your samples, you can learn how to open a free website here or better still use your social media account.

4. Show clients how professional you are.

You should be able to show your clients how professional you are in every aspect of your work.

You can do this through the way you contact or address them, how your social media presence looks, etc.

5. Minimize the risk factors for your clients.

Especially for clients who have never worked with freelancers before.

These kinds are going to get worried about the risk os hiring someone whom they will not have much time to study and build some kind of trust.

So your main priority in this instance is to show that those risks are not relevant when they are working with you.

The best way to go about this is to keep your business relationship professional from the very start to finish.

From the time you agree to a contract make the client feel as comfortable as you can, make sure you agree to a proper payment transaction process before you begin any work.

6. Find a balance for your budget.

It is very wise to be budget-sensitive while talking terms with your client, and also to not sacrifice your own rates.

How’d you do this?

Try and highlight the cost the client is saving while hiring an outside freelancer as opposed to a full-time member of staff.

Also try and monitor what your competitors are charging and the market averages will also be useful to ensure you are charging a fair rate to both parties involved.

7. Never extend the deadline.

So the job has been assigned to you with a fixed date for delivery.

Now your aim and target should be to deliver, even before the deadline.

Let nothing or nobody cause you to extend it. Because one thing clients love the most is a freelancer who is able to meet up their deadlines.

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