How To Contact YBNL Record Label In 2022.

How To Contact YBNL Record Label In 2022.

In this article, I will show you how to contact Olamide YBNL record label in 2022, all you have to do is make sure you read it to the end to get all the details.

Based on the experience I’ve had in dealing with upcoming artiste as a music promoter and advisor, I have come to realize that nearly all the upcoming artiste wants to get signed to a record label in Nigeria, and Olamide YBNL Records is just one of those.

That’s why am writing this article to show you how to contact Olamide YBNL record label in 2022.

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A brief history of YBNL records.

YBNL is an acronym for the phrase Yahoo Boy No Laptop; and it is an independent record label that was founded in 2012 by popular Nigerian rapper and singer, Olamide.

We should never forget in a rush that Olamide, a.k.a Badoo, rose to limelight in a record label known as Coded Tunes; where he released where he dropped singles like “Eni Duro” and “Omo To Shan”.

How To Join Olamide YBNL Record Label In 2022.

To join Olamide YBNL Record label in 2022, you need to gain the attention of it’s CEO Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide ‘Badoo’.

And as I said before, your talent and hard work must be good enough to attract him.

And if you are a very lucky person, then there is no way that opportunity will ever go down the drain.

Below is the method you can employ to get Davido’s attention if you want to join Olamide YBNL Record label in 2022.

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Contact Olamide on his social accounts.

Olamide is one of the many Nigerian celebrities who are very active on social media platforms.

And according to research, he is also one of the few social media conscious musicians who likes to engage with their fans by checking out their DM’s and comments.

But while doing so, persistent coupled with high quality contents are the keys you should use to approach Olamide.

Do not waste your time sending DM’s to tell Olamide how talented you are; rather create relevant contents and publish on your social platforms; and from there share and tag him.

Even though he is likely not going to respond immediately, if your contents is good enough, keep sending them.

Because he might be seeing previous ones; and needs more of those to be convinced enough that you will really be a good musician he can work with.

You can also try using the YBNL Record label contact below to reach out to Olamide

YBNL Records Contacts.

Though not much is made public about how to contact YBNL Record in 2022; you can as well try the avenues I will show below to contact them.


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