How To Check Your BVN Online Using Internet Banking.

how to check bvn online

In this article, I am going to give you details on how you can check your BVN online using internet banking.

The BVN was introduced by the Nigerian Interbank Settlement Method (NIBSS) in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a biometric identification system with the purpose of reducing unlawful financial activities or transactions.

And ever since the BVN was introduced, people can no longer have access to their funds without it, and because of that, they keep wondering how to obtain theirs.

Basically, the BVN is usually an 11-digit unique number that is tied to all the bank accounts owned by an individual.

And through this BVN, the government can have the opportunity to easily know how much an individual has across all their bank accounts and in so doing regulate all fraudulent financial activities.

Currently, there is no way an individual can open a bank account in Nigeria without a BVN.

But the most important part of the whole process is after getting a BVN, some people can carelessly or unintentionally lose it. It is a fact that not everyone is good at memorizing things and at such cannot carry their BVN around.

Even sometimes, you might run into an emergency situation that requires you to provide your BVN, and if it is not with you, this article will help you know how to retrieve it via a code on all the network providers in Nigeria.

But before we go into that, let’s look at some facts about the BVN.

What is a BVN? and how does it work?

The BVN is an acronym for the ord Bank Verification Number. It is a biometric identification number that is stored in the Central Bank of Nigeria’s database.

The aim of this code is to reduce the rate of fraudulent activities and operations ongoing in the banking sector.

In Nigeria, every account holder, notwithstanding a bank is required to own a BVN. Even if you have an account in all the banks in Nigeria, you are expected to have just one BVN which is going to be linked to all your bank accounts.

Once you enroll or get a BVN, all your data which includes your name, contact information, age, date of birth, address, photographs, fingerprints, etc will be captured and stored in the Central Bank of Nigeria’s database.

What Is The Length Of The BVN?

Some people might be wondering or asking how many digits are there in a BVN. Both the questions and the answers are the same. The BVN code is an 11-digit number and it serves as your universal identification number in all Nigerian banks that you have an account.

It’s just as crucial as having a phone number when it comes to filling out NIMC forms and other necessary forms both inside and outside the country.

Do you require internet access to check your BVN online using internet banking?

Checking your BVN with a mobile app will require you to have internet access.

Because without internet access, there is no way you will be able to log into your mobile banking app.

Will I be charged for checking my BVN online?

The only way you will be charged for checking your BVN online with a mobile app is through your subscribed data.

This goes to say that you must have data on your phone or use an internet connection when trying to check your BVN.

Is it the same BVN that will be displayed on all the bank’s mobile apps?

Yes! Your one and only BVN are what will be displayed on all your bank’s mobile apps, so long as you have an account in that bank.

Do I need a codes to check my BVN online.

No!, Checking your BVN on a mobile app does not require any code, once you log into the app you will see your BVN boldly written on your profile.

How To Check Your BVN Online Using Internet Banking.

It is very easy to check your BVN online using internet banking.

All you have to do is use your bank’s internet banking portal to find out your BVN number. The easiest way is to use your bank’s mobile app.

It is worthy to mention here that you can have only one BVN, which goes to say that you cannot have multiple BVNs.

The same BVN you are using on your Zenith Bank account is the same one you will use for your Access Bank, UBA Bank, First Bank, and any other of your bank accounts.

Even if you are having an account with all the banks in Nigeria, it is still one BVN that will be used to link them all together.

Let’s not forget to mention here that checking your BVN is very simple and is available on all the banking mobile apps in Nigeria.


The BVN (Bank Verification Number), is compulsory for everyone who owns a bank account in Nigeria.

If you don’t have a BVN, make sure you visit any bank nearest to you and register to get one.

Virtually every bank and financial institution in Nigeria accepts BVN as a form of identification. You can verify your profile and information with the help of your BVN.

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