Creating a digital marketing portfolio is always the best place to start digital marketing, and on this article I am going to teach you how to build a very attractive digital marketing portfolio in 2022.

Trying to become a digital marketer is one thing, but actually occupying a space in the industry is an entirely different matter.

And in order to succeed, you must be able to attract clients; and the easiest way for you to do so is to build a digital portfolio. 

Benefits of building an online portfolio.

Your resume will not give you enough space to say so much and proof your success in digital marketing.

And that is more of the reasons why it is necessary for you to build a portfolio as a digital marketer.

Because, it is this portfolio that will help you to attract potential customers or clients.

Having an online portfolio will Gina long way to prove your professionalism, visibility as well as flexibility.

A digital marketing portfolio will enable you to have all your work curated in one organized space, and this will create a very good impression with your potential customers.

Think of your digital marketing portfolio as your 24 hours sales person, stuck online showing off your best work to your potential clients.

As your digital portfolio starts to help you make sales, it will be easier for you to look out for more opportunities that can help you grow your business and career.

Now when building your digital portfolio in the wide and ever-changing onine world, make sure you do not stick to one format or style.

Because constantly updating your portfolio will keep it up to date and attracting, especially to returning customers.

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Tips to building a digital marketing portfolio.

1. Choose the best and affordable hosting platform.

Hosting is the most important aspect of every blog or website; because it provides a space for you to make your data and files accessible to your visitors and clients online.

While trying to settle for a hosting for your blog, you will be presented with two options which are to get a hosting platform or settle for building a free blog.

However, for digital portfolios, the former option is the best because it will give you flexibility and the freedom to manage your site.

Moreover, a free blog will not allow you to have your own unique domain as they generally operate as a sub domain.

2. Get your own personal and unique domain name.

Seperating yourself from the rest of the crowd is very important when it comes to selling your products and services online.

And the only way to do this is to get your own personal and unique domain name.

Your web hosting provider will sell or sometimes allow you get a free domain name for a one year period when you buy hosting.

And as we said earlier trying to get a free blog to build a digital portfolio will never allow you to customize or get your own personal and unique name.

Becasue you will be hosting it as a sub domain on someone else’s domain.

Check an example below.

Your own digital personal and unique portfolio name =

A free digital portfolio name =

Now which is much better?

3. Take charge of your websites look.

As we said earlier, your hosting and domain are will give you so much flexibility to take charge of your websites look.

Remember, the goal of building your online portfolio is to enable your potential customers view your works so far.

And this means you must get down to designing your website.

Designing your website should not be difficult as WordPress has millions of themes that will help you install and customize your digital portfolio to your desired look.

4. Relate your story

You’ve had series of experiences while trying to deliver quality services via your digital marketing platform; so it’s best you fill your audience in on those stories.

If you do this in a virtual way, it will create more impact.

You can also use graphics that relates a story capable of convincing your fans that you are worth working wit.

Another powerful tool you should use is content marketing. And the trick here is to create a blog as a sub domain and write powerful articles that relates to your industry.

Optimize the blog for SEO, and link back to your portfolio, so that audience who are carried away by your story can visit your portfolio to get proof of your works so far.

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5. Showcase only your best work.

It is certain potential customers will not want to invest much time to view all the works you have done; so you can make things a bit easy here by showcasing only the best works you have done so far.

After all what will convince potential customers to hire or work with you is the proof of the works you’ve done so far.

So make sure you choose the works that you had great results; I mean those works you’re proud of and showcase on your portfolio to make prospects get a feel of your professionality.

6. Use original and high-quality images.

Adding original and high-quality images are capable of adding a sense of tangibility to your prospects, regardless of the kind of digital service you are trying to offer.

So make sure you take screenshots of the unique articles you have published or different campaigns you have succeeded to run as well as social media posts with lots of engagement; and put them up in your portfolio.

7. Use the right keywords to optimize your portfolio for search engines.

You are not going to depend on trying to reach out to clients through paid adverts all the time.

And for that reason, you need touse the right keywords to optimize your portfolio for search engines.

The simplest method of doing this is to use local SEO to target

Your digital portfolio website is a tool to help you be discovered by new prospects. That’s why doing a website analysis to ensure your site is optimized for the right keywords is critical. prospects who are looking for a freelancer within your location.

For instance, instead of usinf “freelance digital marketer” you can add the name of your city to the keyphrase so you can be found by people who are looking up for your services in your locality.

To find the right keywords, try and search for job postings online within your locality, or even use Google search to look up what terms people in your area are using to find a service in your niche.

8. Use video contents to drive more engagement.

Research has it that online users tend to watch videos more than they read articles or listen to podcasts.

So for this reason, try to use video contents to drive more engagement from these kinds.

Even though videos involve much more time and effort to create, the returns will be worth it when you are building your digital portfolio.

Your video could just be a simple introduction of yourself and telling your prospects the ways you can solve their digital marketing needs.

9. Add testimonials to your portfolio.

When you are trying to sell your service, word of mouth and social proof is still as relevant as possible.

And the best way to get this is to show your audience what your customers are saying about you and your brand.

Till the world is over, humans will always build their trust around what other humans say about a particular person or thing.

To get testimonials, ask your previous and current clients to share the experience they had while working with you; either in the comment section or use a contact form to send directly to your portfolio.

Make it easy to for people to reach you.

After seeing the proof of your works and reading the testimonials on your portfolio, potential customers might look for a way to contact you for a deal.

Doing this is as simple as putting your phone numbers on your contact page, using a chat integration, or putting up a contact form for your prospects to make their choice of getting in touch with you.

But make sure that while you want people to be able to contact you easily, the privacy of your data really matters!

SEeveral risks are invloved in putting up your contact details online, so make sure you read up online privacy best practices and implement whatever you can that will enable you to keep your data safe.

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