How To Become The Architect Of Your Destiny.

How To Become The Architect Of Your Destiny.

Everyone has been wired with the power to shape their own reality, and on this post I am going to show you how to become the architect of your own destiny.


As I said earlier, every human is given the ability to shape their own reality. But the problem is that too often we get so caught up in the wild dreams of a bright future; without doing anything to change the present.

We should not be expecting a massive change, but there are little things we need to do everyday; to bring the big change that we need so much.

The duty of an architect is to design a house; but to succeed in doing so he must pay close attention to every little details.

The details really entails the foundation on which he is going to build the house. And he must know this details offhand when he is building a house.

This same way, the little things you do are the details of your life and what will enable you to become the architect of your destiny.

How To Become The Architect Of Your Destiny.

1. Begin by designing your days.

Architect Of Your Destiny.

To become the architect of your destiny, you must begin by designing your days.

And you must do this one day after the other; that is to say, you must look upon it as a series that builds up to a full-fledged story.

Designing your days will require you to respond to every little details that makes your life what it is.

Your education, profession, job, career, etc are those little details you need to pay attention to.

For example, if you want to land a nice paying job in a big firm, you need to put 4 to 5 years away to get a college degree.

Now this 4 to 5 years will also require you to do expenses like pay for tuition, buy hand outs, pay for accomodation or source for transportation etc.

So therefore, you must figure out how you are going to raise the money that will anble you meet up with all this.

It might be that you have a sponsor in your parents or rich relatives and they have decided to take care of your education until you graduate.

Now the 4 to 5 years in college are filled with days, and you need to design how you are going to spend those days.

And designing your days must begin with intentions. And the following questions are going to help you realize those intentions.

  • What time do you intend to go to bed as well as rise in the morning?
  • What do you intend to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • How do you intend to spend the first 3 hours of your day?

Now ehen you are able to get the intentions of the day sorted out by answering the above questions, it is going to be very easy for you to desig your life.

2. See yourself as the author of your life.

You must not allow any other person to assign a meaning to your life, and for that reason you must take absolute chareg and become the author of your life.

To that effect, you must decide if your experiences are a temporary circumstance, or an entirely permanent identity.

For instance, if someone hates or criticizes your creative work, then you will either conclude that you have no talent or that they are just being envious.

It is certain that some situations in life are going to leave you totally powerless. But if you see this experiences as a temporary circumstance, will definitely make you the author of your story.

On the other hand, if you see it as a permanent identity, it will leave you surpressed as the victim to the events surrounding your life.

Accessing your thoughts is one way to see yourself as the author of your story. You need to bring your story out from your head and and shape it to your own liking.

Trying to control the thoughts in your head is like a fool’s errand, because you have so many thoughts happening there every single day, and it’s hard to discover which one is much better.

But when you write them out, it will help you to differentiate and seperate the signal from noise.

Hence, you will aoon realize that the thoughts in your head is definitely not you, because it is filed with so much shit.

3. Don’t make a choice from the options available.

Architect Of Your Destiny.

Througout life, there will be so much options available to choose from.

For example, freelancing gives you so much career to choose from.

And with all this options available, it is pretty easy to allow yourself be blinded to what possibilities are surrounding you at the time being.

The greatest lies you have heard all your life is that you have to make a choice from the options that are available.

Sometimes, family and friends would want to even make a choice for you to follow.

Your dream might be to be a freelancer, but Dad and Mum wants you to be a doctor.

But when once you allow yourself to bend to the choices people make for you, you will never be able to become the architect of your destiny.

Be it your peers, parents, society or whoever, remember that you are the one who wakes up to live your life, and for Christ sake, you must own and control your life.

Yes! you must be the one to decide what to do with your life and what not to.

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4. Never hold on to so much expectations.

No experience you have in your life should be thought as wasted, no matter how ugly they might seem.

You just need to live with the understanding that at times ‘shit can happen” or plainly speaking “shit happens’. In other words, things are likely not going to turn out the way you expect them at all times.

But this does not mean that you shouldn’t expect things to turn out a particulay way, as this might be taken for the lack of faith.

The trick is to always expect things to turn out a particular way but be always ready to accept the way it turns out.

Do you know that the loose of expectations often leads to failure; because it will make you loose interest with the goal at hand and zoom off to something else, or even worst still give up entirely.

When you hold on to expectations, it measn you hacve already chosen your response before an event even takes place. And when those expectations aren’t met, you will definitely reinforce scarcity.

But when you learn how to accept things the way they come, regardless of your expectations, you will always be wise to make the situation sync with your expectations.

Besides you will always see every exprience as a process to enjoy rather than a problem you need to solve.

If you can also, you can continue your creative work and move through the world for sometime without any expectations. And you will realize how lighter you will feel and at best get more than you would have ever wanted.

5. Learn to adjust when things don’t go the way you plan.

One of the ways to be the architect of your destiny is to learn how to adjust whenever things don’t turn out the way you plan.

It is inevitable that things will not always go according to how you plan it; no matter how you map your strategies with available resources on board and lots of experience.

You need to come face to face with the truth that; you will at some point in time have to eliminate a life plan.

This doesn’t mean that you have given up, so long as you have plan B waiting on board; just get on the flight with it.

Motivational speakers will always tell you that if you want to be the architect of your destiny, you should never quit but keep on trying over and over again.

But the horrible truth is that, there are certain goals or plans in life that will never work out; no matter how many times you retry.

And for that reason, you need to adjust whenever the need calls for it.


Architect Of Your Destiny.

See, regardless of how much money or experience you have; the only one thing you will have control of in life is how you spend your free time.

You can accomplish remarkable things within one split hour of the day; if you are able to really concentrate on your work.

Becoming the architect of your destiny does not really mean that you are going to become rich and famous. But it means that you are making deliberate choices; letting go of the idea that you can control everything, changing what you can, and accepting what you cannnot.

It means that you have realized that your story and destiny are fluid. And they will keep changing throughout your life time.

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