How To Become A Playlist Curator On Audiomack.

How To Become A Playlist Curator On Audiomack.

On this article I am going to reveal to you how to become a playlist curator on Audiomack.

Audiomack is a free music streaming app that allows both creators and consumers create an account to upload and stream their music, and one way of easily streaming music on Audiomack is through playlist.

First and foremost, let us look at the definition of a playlist and curator on Audiomack.

What is a playlist on Audiomack?

A playlist is the arrangement of recorded songs or pieces of music by an Audiomack user who is known as a curator.

What is a curator?

While anyone can build a personal playlist on Audiomack and share their favorite songs with friends and followers, curators are however those individuals who builds playlists that can be streamed and shared with the entire public.

How to become a playlist curator on Audiomack.

1. Choose a genre.

Make sure you find a genre in your knowledge base.

Don’t be an afrobeats lover but start to create an hip hop playlist. Ensure the genre you are creating the playlist for is the one you have full knowedge of.

2. Optimize your Audiomack bio.

Ensure you use cover phototitle and bio of your playlist to reflect your chosen genre to let your potential followers immediately identify with the musical genre they love.

Also include keywords in your bio to make people easily find you when they are searching, this will increase the chances of your playlist being discovered organically.

But keep the keywords limited, never overdo.

3. Choose the best title for your playlist.

You have to choose a title that will grab people’s attention, and you can only do this if you know and understand your target audience very well.

Thus you need to envision the personality of someone who would be listening to the artists on your playlists and then find a photo that embodies that person in one way or another.

4. Create multiple but related of playlists

If you want people to follow your playlist don’t concentrate on creating just one playlist.

Make sure you compile seperate but cohesive playlists.

In other words, your playlist should have multiple, but related genres. Each track should not necessarily blend into the next.

4. Grow your followers.

The number of monthly listeners your playlist generates for artists is very important.

If your playlist has hundreds of thousands of followers it may draw attention to your profile, but if 95% of those followers are inactive, your playlist is worthless.

To gain the first few followers can be difficult and somehow discouraging. Simple trick is to start by keeping your playlist private, and never go public, until it’s perfected and ready

5. Engage your followers everytime.

People followed your playlists because they saw music compilation that they enjoy.

So make sure you rotate new tracks in and out of your lineup gradually.

The single worst mistake you can do is rebranding and deleting the majority of the tracks and adding new ones all at once.

This may cost most of your followers to unfollow you.

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