How To Backup Your Audio Recordings.

How To Backup Your Audio Recording.

You will learn from this tutorial how to backup your audio recordings after you finish your production in a recording studio..

The art of music production takes a little bit process and stress.

And for that reason Data BackUp must be done for every studio recordings.


You pay big money for your studio recordings of a single, or more tracks. And happily return home with only the mixdown version of your song(s). Probably on WAV or MP3 format, either burnt to a CD or transferred to your phones storage.

After few weeks or months of promoting your song. You meet a sponsor or record label, who shows interest of working with you. But on having professional ears preview your songs, certain errors are spotted or adjustments are seen to be made.

Re-making of the song will cost additional fees and stress. So the easiest way out is to use your Data BackUp of Studio Recordings, and with the same audio workstation make those needed corrections.

Your sponsor or label now tells you to go and get the Data BackUp for the Studio Recordings from your producer. So you call or rush to meet your producer in the studio.

But on getting there and requesting for your data, he tells you the system crashed and they formatted it. Blaming Producers? Yes! Producers are the ones to be blamed, because, so long as the artiste is not owing any production fees, he is entitled to keep his Data BackUp.

But supposing you are working with a new and inexperienced producer who does not know all this. As a learned artiste, even though upcoming, use this article as a guide, to understand what a Data BackUp is and the devices you should use to store them.

What is audio recordings backup.

Audio recording backup is a folder or file, containing all the sequencies (beats) and vocals of the production of a musical track.

All the instruments and plugins used are also included in the audio studio Backup recordings.

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