How Nigerian Skit Makers Are Making Money Online.

How Nigerian Skit Makers Are Making Money Online.

If you have been following skit makers on social media platforms, you will observe that their rise to stardom often comes as soon as they began.

I personally observed Funnybros and OGB Recent blew-up in the Nigerian skit-making industry within a very short period of time. And the one that marveled me most is how Comedian Udeme who only sits at home to make humorous comments as a form of skit bought a car in less than a year.

De General recently built a 1 billion Naira mansion for his mom and several other achievements we keep saying skit makers in Nigeria showcasing every other time.

Observing how these skit makers in Nigeria are making so much money online is a good enough reason for one to access himself to confirm if he really has the talent to make a run at skit making in Nigeria.

So if you are really sure skit making is your calling, I am writing this article to help you understand how skit makers are making money in Nigeria so you can also take a shot at it. And in the end, I will also show you how to start a successful career as a skit maker in Nigeria.

Without further ado, let’s get this article rolling.

How Nigerian skit makers are making money online.

How Nigerian skit makers are making money online.

Nigerian skit makers are making money online through monetization of their social media handles, getting endorsement deals, promoting sponsored content, and joining affiliate programs they promote on their comedy skits.

  1. Monetization of social media accounts: Social media monetization is the process where skit makers are able to generate income when their audience engages with their content. Those engagements are usually the views, likes, comments, and shares. Even though all social media accounts have different monetization requirements, Nigerian skit makers are able to meet those requirements easily because audiences who watch their videos and found them interesting are going to follow their accounts and keep watching and engaging with those skits every time they drop.
  2. Endorsement deals: Endorsement deals is the process where companies pick a celebrity as their brand ambassador for the purpose of promoting their products and services. Now because of the large audience skit makers in Nigeria are having on their social media accounts, corporations reach out to partner with them so they could recommend their products and services to their teeming audience.
  3. Promoting sponsored content: Sometimes companies or businesses do not have the finance to pick a skit maker as their brand ambassador so they end up giving them a particular content to promote for them for a particular amount. Most times these skit makers will even interrupt their skits somewhere to promote the content they are sponsored to promote.
  4. Joining affiliate programs: Affiliate marketing is a process where skit makers promote an online product or service and earn a commission when their audience engages with them. For example, you will see nearly all our skit makers promoting their affiliate links by giving you a particular code to sign up and get a bonus when you place a bet. In essence, even after you get a bonus for signing up, they are also going to earn a commission from the money you are using to place your bet.

Is skit making profitable in Nigeria?

How to become a successful skit maker in Nigeria.

Skit making is very profitable in Nigeria because we are witnessing Nigerian skit makers showcasing their achievements every now and then on their social media accounts. For instance, on July 31, 2022, a Nigerian skit maker known as De General announced across his social handles that he has built a magnificent mansion for his parents which was worth over 1 billion Naira.

How much are skit makers worth in Nigeria?

How to become a successful skit maker in Nigeria.

A recent survey we did online has revealed that skit makers are worth over $30,000 to $100,000 dollars in the following order.

  1. Mr Funny a.k.a Sabinus – $100,000.
  2. Brainjotter – $100,000.
  3. Taooma – $100,000.
  4. Kiekie – $70,000.
  5. Broda Shaggi – $50,0000
  6. Mr Macaroni – $30,000.

How to become a successful skit maker in Nigeria.

How to become a successful skit maker in Nigeria.

To become a successful skit maker in Nigeria, you must ensure you are a very talented comedian, that is to say, you have the ability to say or do things that will make people laugh. Once you are sure that you are a talented comedian you can follow the steps I am going to show below on how to start making skits in Nigeria.

How to start making skits in Nigeria.

To start making skits in Nigeria, you must ensure you follow the step-by-step process I am going to list and explain to you below:

  1. Develop your acting skills.
  2. Study the industry language.
  3. Choose your stage name.
  4. Choose a theme.
  5. Maintain a dress code.
  6. Hire a videographer and editor or purchase video equipment.
  7. Create social media accounts.
  8. Optimize your social media accounts.
  9. Start uploading your content.
  10. Get more followers or subscribers.

Develop your acting skills.

Being talented is one thing and knowing how to put it to use is another. And for that reason, you must not depend on your talent to become a successful skit maker but instead find a way of developing that talent to put yourself in a better position to attain success with your talent.

Below are the ways you can develop your acting skills.

  1. Join a theater group: Even if it’s a local theater group, it will do you much good if there are experienced directors and actors who belong in the group and can really help you to refine your talent and catch the needed motivation to do better when you see how they are displaying their various acting skills.
  2. Take acting lessons: If there is no theater group close to you, you can find an experienced actor or director and negotiate for him to give you the basic lessons that will enable you to improve your acting skills.
  3. Watch tutorials and online courses: If the two options before are not available you can then go on YouTube to watch tutorials as well as search for online courses on movie-making blogs that will help you develop your acting skills.

Study the industry language.

Every industry has its own language and skit making industry is not an exception. Therefore, in order to to get lost when you are around other skit makers make sure you learn and understand the language they are all using.

Choose a stage name.

Your stage name is very critical to your success as a skit maker. If you have a stage name that is hard for people to pronounce, it will be impossible for them to recommend you to others. And for that reason, you must ensure the name you choose is very short and memorable.

Also, you must ensure your name embodies your theme or style or somehow make reference to the comic industry you are a part of.

For example, Sabinus is known as Mr. Funny and Funnybros mimics the comic synonym “funny”.

Now if you watch Sabinus skits you will observe that he is always claiming to know too much, but it is that same Mr-too-know that will land him in a big mess at the end of his comedy skit.

Now to know means “sabi” in the Nigerian pidgin language, and from there you can see why Sabinus adopted that name.

Choose a theme.

If you are fond of watching lots of Nigerian comedy skits, you will agree with me that each and every Nigerian comedian has a theme they base their skits on.

For example, OGB Recent is also addressed as “Cultists” and nearly all his shits are related to violence which is what cultists are generally known for.

Maintain a dress code.

Another thing that is common among comedians is adopting a particular dress code, and this has really come to stay as a tradition among all of them.

And as the saying goes “When you are in Rome do as the Romans”, you must also maintain a particular dress code if you want to become a very successful skit maker in Nigeria.

I believe the reason for doing this is to make each of them stand out or make it easier for people to easily recognize them.

Hire a videographer and editor or purchase video equipment.

Hiring a videographer and editor or purchasing video equipment is going to depend on your budget. Mark Angel is known for starting their comedy skit with an Androouid phone, but that will not work in the present age because people are now using phones that are of a higher quality and Androouid phone clips will not interpret well on them.

So the popular means of shooting comedy skits in Nigeria is with an iPhone. So if you have the money you can g ahead and purchase one for yourself.

And below are some of the video equipment you will need for skit making.

  1. Video camera or iphone.
  2. A tripod stand.
  3. A lapel mic, boom mic, or an external audio recorder for audio clarity.
  4. Video light.
  5. Additional batteries.
  6. Memory cards.
  7. Hard drive to save your video clips after the recording.

Create social media accounts.

The basic social media accounts you should belong to in Nigeria as a skit maker are:

  1. YouTube.
  2. Facebook.
  3. Instagram
  4. TikTok.
  5. Twitter.

Optimize your social media accounts.

After creating your social media accounts, the next step is to optimize them. And optimizing social media accounts really involves uploading a profile picture, adding your niche, a description of yourself and your mission, and other important settings which varies across all the social media platforms.

Start uploading content.

Your content should not necessarily be comedy skits as you can sometimes upload behind the scenes of how you make your comedy skits, go live and interact with your fans who are active at the moment, create a challenge on TikTik and upload to urge others to join, make videos of new locations you are visiting for the first time, etc.

All this content is meant to keep your fans more and more engaged between the times you are dropping the actual skit.

As for uploading your comedy skits, you have to make sure it is very consistent. Way back comedians in Nigeria used to upload at least 3 comedy skits a day, but now they are dropping like every other day and the advantage of doing this is that it will help you to beat the social algorithm and reach more potential followers.

Get more followers or subscribers.

When starting out in skit making, you are likely not going to have enough followers or subscribers, so you can take advantage of paid advertising to reach out to more potential followers or subscribers.

The trick of doing this is toadvertise one of your best videos and when people follow it to your account ehy are going to watch more videos and in the end, follow or subscribe to your account to stay updated.