How Google Detects Invalid AdSense Clicks And Activities.

How Google Detects Invalid AdSense Clicks And Activities.

In this article, I am going to help you have a thorough knowledge of how Google detects invalid Adsense clicks and activities.

You accurately followed the tips that successfully got your AdSense account approved by Google, and the next thing to do always is to stick to several rules that will help you avoid your account being suspended or banned.

Now one of the things people ask is how Google is able to detect invalid clicks and activities that goes on in an AdsSense account.

And this article – How Google detects invalid AdSense clicks and activities – will reveal it all to you.

As a matter of fact, if you are ready for that revelation, then I am ready too.

Now lets go!

How Google detects invalid Adsense clicks and activities.

1. IP-Address.

If you click on an Ad and login to your account on the same IP-Address, Google will use that to detect your invalid clicks and activities.

2. Cookies.

Since all clicks on a website are saved as cookies on computers, Google will use that to detect invalid Ads clicks and activities on your blog or website.

3. Other Google Services.

As the biggest online company, Google has several services like Google search, Google talk, Blogger, Gmail, Google earth etc. which helps them monitor the activities of internet users.

And since all these services are scattered about in the internet, Google will definitely understand your behavioural pattern on the internet and use that to detect when you click on your own Ads.

4. Having a high click ratio.

If your AdSense account is having high click ratio, your account will be flagged and Google will be forced to have a manual look into it.

And through that manual look, they will get to discover that you are the one doing all the clicks in your Google adsense account.

5. Local clicks alone.

If your website has visitors coming from around the world; but only a particular location clicks on your Ads, Google will use that to detect invalid clicks and activities.

6. A particular person clicks on your Ads everyday.

If one person keep clicking on your Ads and historically has not clicked on Ads on another blog or website, you will definitely be fished out by Google.

7. Visitor enters a domain name on the address field and clicks on Ads.

If a visitor enters your domain name from a browser and immediately clicks on Ads; you will soon answer for such invalid activity when Google comes for you.

8. Visitors bounce rate.

As a matter of fact, Google will check how long a visitor has been on your site; before he clicks on an Ad.

Consequently, if the visitor just enters the site and clicks on an Ad, then you know what that means.

9. Prefeable traffic source.

Google really only prefer Ads click from organic search and social media platforms.

10. Writing articles that encourage visitors to click on Ads.

This is the easiest way of selling yourself out.

11. Conversion.

If you have hundreds of thousands of clicks and none of them is generating any revenue for the advertiser; then Google will relieve you of being a publisher.

You can read Google’s Adsense policies here.

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