Hashtags: Using Them Effectively On Social Media Posts.

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Hashtags on social media posts

This article will really help you to learn about hashtags, and how you can be using them effectively on your social media posts.


You already have great contents you are publishing on your social media accounts.

But your audience is small, and as a result of that, people are not engaging with your posts as you are expecting.

And the big question is: how can you get your contents to reach, or be found by more and more social media users?

Basically, the easiest way to make your contents reach a targeted audience, in specific locations, is by boosting them. Some call it running Ads.

But the problem is that Ads are cost effective. That is to say, it will require you to spend, some huge amount of money, in order to get the results you want.

Running Ads or boosting posts, is usually good for business people. Since they will make profits from selling of their products and services.

But for post that are not business related. The one great way to get them out to those who neither follow your accounts, nor like your pages, is by using hashtags.

What is an hashtag?

An hashtag is simply a social media tool, which allows it’s users to optimize their contents or posts.

So that those who do not follow or like their account and pages might see them.

Hashtags are similar to keywords, which you can use on a website or blog article; to make them searchable.

This, hashtags will help your social media post to perform well in search results.

Because users will be able to follow them directly, as well as, find related posts when searching for words carrying those hashtags.

Twitter owns hashtags, but currently, all major social platforms are using them.

Using hashtags effectively on social media posts

In order to use hashtags effectively on social media posts.

You must first and foremost identify the ones that are relevant, and very popular among the audience you are seeking to find.

For instance, if you want to use a hashtag on a music related post. You should opt for an hashtag like #music.

Because, it will be related to those who are searching for music. And as a result of that, your contents are sure going to pop up.

Points to note when using hashtags

The most important point to note is that, your hashtags must walk hand in hand with the type of content you are publishing.

Secondly, you must be very minimal when it comes to the number of hashtags you are using on a particular post.

However, the number of hashtags you are using on social media posts varies a lot. So you must really know the platforms where hashtags are most favourable.

Number of hashtags to use on Facebook and Twitter

Study shows that hashtags on Facebook does not help to boost post engagement. Moreover, Facebook does not recognize hashtags in search bar, which means using hashtags on Facebook is not relevant at all.

Hashtags perform well on Twitter, but using too much of it is not advisable.

So if you want to use hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, minimalism is the best way to go.

Digital information world says that posts with just one or two hashtags, always gets the most engagement. The estimated growth is 21%.

For this reason, you must ensure you stick to one or two hashtags per post.

Because, when you use 3 or more hashtags per post, you will lower your post engagement by 17%.

Number of hashtags to use on Instagram and YouTube.

Photos with more than 10 hashtags on Instagram has been found to get the most engagements.

But over using it can make your post look like a scam.

So therefore, make sure you keep your hashtags relevant, when using them heavily on instagram.

As for YouTube, hashtags are commonly used in the comment section.

You can therefore use hashtags to categorize your contents, based on the topic you want it to be found for.

But make sure you use keywords as the foundation for your hashtags.

Where to find hashtags on social networks

There are various tools that can help you find hashtags on social networks. Below are the best places to find them on major social networks.


The Facebook search bar is where you can search for any hashtags that relates with your contents.

But note that, there are trending topics, as well as, trending hashtags. And in order not to confuse yourself, trending topics are those ones that appears to the right of your news feed.


Go to the left hand side of your Twitter news feed, and you will find a list and link to what is curently trending (popular).

The search bar is also a place you can use to find hashtags that people are currently using.

And that is where you will find the hashtag related to any content you wish to publish.


Open your Instagram app and you will see a magnifying glass on your home screen.

Use that to browse for all the trending hashtags on Instagram.


Hashtags are used in YouTube’s comment section. And you will get popular hashtags by searching for videos related to the topic of your video.

Where to place hashtags in your posts.

There is no specific place you must place hashtags in your posts.

It will all depend on the particular social platform you are publishing your content.

The most important thing is knowing the right hashtags for every content you publish, and once you do, you can place your hashtags anywhere . But the most recommended is at the bottom of your posts.

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