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“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

William Shakespeare

Yes! parting is a sweet sorrow because we will be missing our loved ones as we all fall into a temporary slumber.

But the hope that we have is to wake up and behold each other again in the morning.

There is one act that baffles me in life; and that is how we breathe while asleep.

Imagine being all unconscious and unaware of your sorrounding, but amidst this you are still breathing.

And you and I know that breathing is the very life we are living.

Anyone who fails to breathe is a dead.

But have you ever thought about how you are able to breathe while you sleep?

As a Christian I believe so much in a creator Who is the maker and keeper of our breathe, I mean life.

The Holy Book says in Genesis 2:7 that after He (God) formed man out of the dust of earth, he blew the breathe of life into man and he instantly became a living soul.

And from there you will understand that God is the one causing us to breathe while we are asleep, and He also is the one who will wake us up in the morning.

And for that reason, we must learn how to be thankful and appreciate him all the time.

Good night dear friend!

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