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“If I can feel like the chaos [of the day ahead] is at least known, I can dive in with more composure.”

Wendy McKennon

Chaos is a state of utter confusion and disorder, and it often presents itself as we are trying to achieve our goals for each day.

And to eradicate or overcome it, we need to stay calm through it all, hence the composure.

The richness of life is so stimulating and overwhelming; in fact, opportunities abounds everywhere as everything looks so exciting and inviting.

And so we are often caught up between our passion and what is humanly possible to explore, enjoy and experience on a daily basis.

We will never be able to manage this effectively until we learn how to calm the chaos in our lives, because too much of everything – even if it’s good – will always become bad.

How then can you calm the chaos in your life?

How to calm the chaos in your life.

  1. Since time move on its own accord and you cannot control it, all you need to do is to control your personal energy and know how much of it is needed in your daily pursuit to achieve your goals.
  2. The things you need to do in life is endless, and you are going to grow old and die with most of hem undone. So instead of trying to run around and get it all done, focus on who you want to be in life and find out those things that are really necessary to get there.
  3. Garner the experience of life and use it to gain control. There are times the chaos will seem to devour or get an upper hand on you, and this is when you must bring your experience to play. Because it will calm you down until the chaos fade.
  4. Finally, always have a plan or rather plan ahead of each given day. And in your plan try to foresee and eliminate the possible chaos. Because if you don’t, they will creep in and steal away your mood for the day. And once our mood’s gone, there s nothing you will ever be able to achieve for that particular day.

Good morning friend and have a beautiful day.

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