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Overcoming fear isn’t just about doing what scares you, but having the courage to say no to the things you no longer want. 

Scott Allan

One of the greatest and most powerful emotions on earth is fear.

Fear has a very strong effect on the human mind and body.

When we are in emergencies, fear can create and send strong signals of response; an example is if we are being attacked by someone unexpectedly.

Sometimes fear can even come through non-dangerous events, like exams, an interview etc. Fear is therefore a natural response to a threat you can perceive or that is real.

It can also take effect when you’re faced with non-dangerous events, like exams, public speaking, a new job, a date, or even a party. It’s a natural response to a threat that can be either perceved or real.

Fear can sometimes last for a short time and then pass, but it can also last much longer and you can get stuck with them.

In some cases fear can take over your life, and really affect your ability to eat, sleep, concentrate, travel, enjoy life, or even leave the house or go to work or school.

This in the long run can hold you back from doing things you want or need to do, and it also affects your health.

Some people get overwhelmed by fear and tries to avoid the situations that might make them frightened.

It can be hard sometimes to break this cycle, but there are several ways to do it. You can learn to feel less fearful and to cope with fear so that it doesn’t stop you from living.

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