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“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

Wayne Huizenga

Now which side are you on?

Are you among those who keep on dreaming and counting days without making a move?

Or are you the type that get up every morning and make it happen?

It’s the break of a new dawn, new energy and everything so fresh.

What dreams are you having for success?

Now think back on how long you’ve just been dreaming.

Last year you said you will make it happen this year, and this year something else came up and you have shifted it again to next year.

Next year you will think the plan old-fashioned and look for ways to device a new strategy.

And before you know it a lifetime is gone.

Nothing but wasted tears!

If only you will stop dreaming and wake up to execute that plan you’ve had for so long, because success is just so tired of waiting on you.

Good morning friend and may you succeed today.

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Motivational quote of the day: Sunday October 10 2021.


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