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 “The most important thing I do each morning is steady myself by not allowing a sense of urgency to penetrate.”

Matthew Weatherley-White

One thing I recently realized is that any work I do in a rush will always end me with one mistake or the other.

Few days ago, a man I mass produced 100 CDs for returned it because there was an error in his cover design.

I did not include all the details for the song title as well as the man’s phone number.

And this is one of those urgent work am used to doing.

Even though I resolved a long time ago that I will not do any urgent work for customers again; I still find myself doing it and everytime ending with a mistake or another.

So the result of urgency I have discovered in my life is mistakes.

And if you are a business person, it might affect your customer relationship.

Because they will think you cannot deliver a perfect job, and look elsewhere.

That is why you should steady yourself today and avoid any urgency.

Good morning friend and have a beautiful day.

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Motivational quote of the day: Friday October 22 2021.


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