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Today’s goals: Coffee and kindness. Maybe two coffees, and then kindness.

Nanea Hoffman

What does kindness really mean?

Kindness means the ability to be friendly, generous and considerate.

Example of a friendly gestures are smiling, waving and saying hello to someone.

Being generous or generosity is an act of giving.

Being considerate means you are careful and always avoid inconveniencing or harming others.

The above traits or characteristics is what our quote writer encourages us to do today.

You are taking your coffee today to help you stay healthy and strong, but do you know that hateful thoughts and anger makes you spiritually sick and kindness is the only cure?

So today, try as much as you can to be friendly to people, put a smile on your face while you wave and say hello to as many as you can today.

And you will discover how peaceful you will be in the inside.

Don’t limit this to people you are familiar with, but do it to even your enemies.

Have a nice day.

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