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Thank God social media has now made it possible for their users to meet a targeted audience through what we call Ads, short word for Ad-sense.

With more than 2.3 billion people using Facebook every month, and nearly 1.6 billion users every day, Facebook offers their users the opportunity to make a substitute for their organic efforts.

Organic efforts is the means by which Facebook users try to make their post reach those they probably have as friends on their accounts, or who like and follow their pages.

But the problem is that majority of these friends and followers are seldom online, and when they come online they are out of the post reach.

Another reason is that most of those friends and followers you keep do not have interest for what you are posting, therefore they cannot like or comment on it.

Remember all those times you’ve posted updates on your social media handles, but even with the thousands of friends, likes and followers you have, you cannot even get up to 50 likes or comments.

And I hope you’ve now finally understood why this is so.

So instead of wasting your time and energy posting the same thing over and over again, battling to get those likes and comments, you can now run ads on Facebook to reach a targeted audience in diverse locations who match the interest of what your post is all about.

For instance if you are running a music related ads, you set your target interest to music and other related terms like Hip Hop, Afropop etc. And with a specific budget and duration, your post will now be delivered to thousands of people who are presently online, based on the location, interest and gender your ads is targeting.

In order to run effective ads, you must learn and master the basic skills and tricks else you will end up wasting your time and resources.

That is why we are reaching out to help you today.

So if you are interested click the link below to chat me up on WhatzApp so I can assist you to run ADs that will yield positive results.

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Below are the screenshots of some of my ads results.

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