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Get An Online Music Advisor

If you know how much superstars are spending to get professional advice from music industry experts, in order to succeed. You will know that, as an upcoming musician, it is very important for you to get an online music advisor.


It is a known fact that the Nigerian music industry has grown so tremendously in just a short period of time.

Lots of young upcoming artiste are becoming superstars right before our very eyes, almost every other time.

But it is still sad to discover that, majority of upcoming artiste will never make it to stardom.

And this is because, they lack the basic skills and tech-know-how to make the kind of songs, that is appealing to millions of music consumers in Nigeria.


There are certain kinds of music that the Nigerian fans are consuming on a large scale.

And artiste who are making those kinds of music are sure to blow into the industry, as well as, remain there selling so much units.

They will also be performing in shows here and there making so much money.

I beg you to shun the misconception that, upcoming artiste are blowing into the music industry by luck or chance, rather, their style of music and professionalism paved way for them.

It might also interest you to know that, a good number of the so-called superstars have paid so much to hire people who wrote, edited as well as backed them up, to make those good flows you are listening from them.

Why most upcoming artiste cannot blow.

Artiste like us were unable to blow because of the style of music we were making.

Trying to rap like the westerners.

You can follow this link to listen to my style of music back then still on SoundCloud.

You can also listen to my second track here.

Had it been I had someone who advised me on the kind of style I should have used back then, I think I would have made an impact in the industry.

But am still thankful to God, that am in a position now to use my experience in this industry, and guide upcoming artiste to become successful.

So believe you me, every upcoming artiste needs a mentor.

Why upcoming artiste should get an online music advisor?

The trick is to get acquainted with those who have been in the music industry before.

Even if they did not blow, it doesn’t mean they were unsuccessful.

Rather one event or encounter, might have been the reason they left the industry. And ventured into another career or business that profited them more and robbed them of time to settle down and make music.

And for that reason, you need to understand that they did not leave the industry empty handed.

They sure would have gained one knowledge or the other about how one must make the industry work for him, before they left.

So if you are just lucky for these kinds to grant you audience, and give you tips, you will soon get the tech-know-how of the music industry.

One advice I’d like to give in this regards is that, you should not set your mind too much on finding a mentor in someone who is already successful in the industry, i.e. someone who has already blown or is currently making waves.

A retiree is therefore the best option.

The reason I am saying this is that, majority of those guys you see currently making waves do not want you to come in and outshine them, or steal a fan or two from them.

And if you are most unfortunate, they will end up extorting money from you, and abandon you once you become broke.

But on the other hand, someone who left the industry to pursue other endeavors and became successful in them, will be willing to guide you.

After all, both of you are not sharing the same career, so why would he bother about your outshining him?

What we will do for you!

  • When we listen to your songs, we will define a style/genre that will fit you, taking factors like your voice and composition into consideration.
  • You will know how to properly format, structure and edit your lyrics, as well as guide you on how to compose a hook, that will attract music consumers in Nigeria.
  • We will access your beats and help you to settle for a good music producer, who will ensure the proper mixing and mastering of your songs.
  • We will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks on how to effectively promote your music, both on and offline.
  • Free promotion of all your songs (for the 1 year period) across all our online platforms [Both websites and social medias]
  • A free artiste page, which will feature your short bio and songs, on our advisory website.
  • You will be successfully guided to put your songs on digital stores, and start making money from music streaming.
  • We will always be there 24/7, to provide answers to the questions you have, concerning your music career and the way forward.
  • And lots more…

So if you need an online music advisor, click on the link below to subscribe.

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