Get A Musician Website At Affordable Price

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Get a musician website at affordable price


First and foremost, we at Taculia 9Ja have made a solemn promise, to help upcoming artiste in Nigeria get a musician website at affordable price.

Greatest challenge faced by upcoming artiste who do not own a musician website

Making great music is always where the journey begins for a musician, but the hardest task after that is always how to get that music heard and seen.

Getting a music heard and seen always comes with so much challenges.

Which includes, spending resources, and if one is unable to do that, then there is no way he will ever build a successful future as a musician.

The role of social media to an upcoming musician who doesn’t have a website

It is no denying of the fact that, social media plays a very important role in the success of a modern day musician.

But a total reliance on social media, is however one of the mistakes made by these kinds.

Social media platforms will never provide a musician with a vast online space, where he can design and package his media contents to his preference like a web page.

One must therefore understand that, social media are being owned and controlled by great business minded persons, or corporations.

Whose aim is to bring traffic to their websites, so they could make so much money, either on affiliate marketing and Ads, or selling products and offering services.

For that reason, they generate community guidelines and policies, which forbids one to post certain contents, which they think or find offensive to their business counterparts and customers.

Why your contents on social media cannot reach everyone

Now because of the billions of people crowded in social media, it is very difficult for the owners to make uncountable contents, being posted every second, visible to every member areas.

And for that reason, post on diverse accounts cannot reach a targeted audience organically.

Unless an account owner decides to put some money aside and boost his posts or run ads, as some say.

Besides that, majority of the people you keep as friends in your social media handles, or who like or follow your accounts and pages, may be people whose interest do not match with music.

And for that reason, there is no way they will ever take a second to like or comment in your posts.

Imagine then how frustrating it is, when you have 5,000 friends on your Facebook account or 10,000 followers and likes on your pages.

But when you post an update about your music career, you can’t even get up to a hundred likes, talk less of comments.

Read this article to discover why a musician needs an official website.

Understanding social media

Now one must keep it in mind that, social media platforms are nothing but websites or webpages, built by an individual or corporation.

And all they need to do is add a member area, and with the help of some plugins, optimizes the site to make a little room for one to sign up, to what we all call social media account.

Therefore you too, being an individual, can take the bull by the horn and get a musician website at affordable price today.

You can then move on to create a member area, and make others sign up, and afterwards control them to the best of your advantage.

Aside from creating a members area to control others.

Your website will help you to establish your presence in the internet community, and become visible on search engines for potential fans, who will hear or watch your music somewhere, to search and find you.

Other benefits of having a website

Your website will also help you to:

  • Share your music.
  • Grow your fan base and collect database.
  • Announce your live shows and upcoming releases.
  • Sell your music online and lots more.

And we are not charging much because we care about you.

So with just 25,000 Naira you can get your own domain.

While 10,000 Naira will help you get a sub domain in one of our domains.

Click here and discover what record labels want from upcoming artiste.

Now let’s quickly help you to understand what a Domain and Sub Domain is.


Both domain and sub domain are fully installed and built websites. And both has themes and plugins that perform the same function.


The major difference between a domain and sub domain is that. Sub domain is a part of the domain, it is not the actual domain of the website.

Domain is like a root, while a sub domain is a branch. And the sub domain must depend on the domain as it’s roots for survival.

Another difference is that, a domain can exist without a sub domain, but a sub domain cannot exist without a domain.

For example, we have our domain as

While a sub domain of that site is

A very important point you should also note is that. You will have to renew your domain name every year or it will be suspended.

Whereas a sub domain requires no renewal, because once the domain is renewed the sub domain automatically is renewed.

We will help you get a website at affordable price

So if you need a domain, we will create it for you.

But in case you are not financially sound, and wants to settle for a sub domain.

We will create one on one of our domains for you.

Below are the sub domains we have created for upcoming artiste so far.

If you are ready to get a musician website at affordable price now, and take your music career to great heights.

Click the link below and contact us on WhatzApp.

Click here to Chat us on WhatzApp

If you however want to build a website on your own. Click here and learn how.

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