If you are an upcoming artiste, then this article is for you and on it you will learn the best way to use a musical style successful musicians are using.

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In the meantime lets seek for the definition of a musical style, so we can use that knowledge to build the basics of this article.

What is a musical style?

A musical style, professionally known as ‘a music genre’ may be defined as an artistic form of audio communication which incorporates instrumentals and vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

Every musician has a style, and often times; if not always, this style is adopted from other musicians who are already successful in their music career.

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe there is any style of music that was invented on it’s own.

Because every style of music was either rebranded from an existing musical style or another. For instance, the popular Nigerian Afro-beats shares almost the same style with the Cameroonian makossa.

A musical style is very instrumental to an artiste career, but before choosing a musical style there are few factors an artiste needs to consider, and they are:

Factors to consider when choosing a musical style.

1. Your location.

When it comes to choosing a musical style, the location of an artiste really matters a lot.

This is because there are particular styles of music people consume in large amounts in a particular location.

Thus making that style of music, then you are definitely going to be successful in your musical career.

And of course, if you follow another style, then you will be very far away from becoming successful in the music industry.

For instance here in Nigeria, afro-beats seems to dominate the music industry.

Just take a closer look and you will realise that artiste who did hip hop/rap; are either not popular again, or have switched to the trending style of music; that is afro-beats.

Two artiste; Olamide and Phyno, are good examples of Nigerian artiste who switched from hip hop/rap to afro-beat; in order to stay relevant in the music industry.

So before you choose a particular style of music make sure you study your location to see what style of music people are consuming the most.

2. The kind of music your similar artiste are making.

To be successful in the genre you have chosen for yourself, you definitely need to make the kind of music; of the artiste in that genre are making.

By all means you need to adopt their same pattern.

When you look into afro-beats musician you will quickly spot the similarities in the music those artistes are making.

Think about the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Fireboy, Joeboy. Their music sounds almost the same.

How about Naira Marley, Zlatan, Zinoleesky. These guys are making the same kind of music.

Now what you are going to dig out the most from them is how they compose their songs.

By all means, try and study the certain factors those artiste are using to compose their songs; anfd if you can adopt and follow it successfully, then you are definitely going to become successful.

3. What artistes using the musical style you want to use are doing to become and stay successful.

Yes! there must be a set pattern or similar things artiste in a particular genre are doing to become and remain successful.

And if you want to become like them then you must study and adopt those patterns.

Being on the news every now and then keeps artiste relevant and infront of their fans. And as an upcoming musician you need press coverage in order to gain the publics attention.

Because, lots of bloggers make it a duty to follow celebrities on social media and blog their updates to get traffic.

And I do believe that an artiste gets more attention and attract fans if he or she is able to be relevant in the publics view at all times.

So as an artiste you need to choose artiste who are using your same musical style and follow them on social media platforms, because that is one of the ways you can know what they are doing.

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