“Energy And Persistence Conquer All Things.” – Benjamin Franklin.


In this post, we are going to look at the meaning of the quote by ‘Benjamin Franklin‘ and it says: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Meaning of the quote.

The opposite of energy is weak, and anyone who is weak will never be able to accomplish a goal.

Even the world itself must emit constant energy in order to keep revolving every time.

For instance, when we fall sick we are deprived of energy; and so we lay on our sick bed, unable to rise and even walk.

Humans require energy to be able to walk or move from place to place.

But in this context, the energy you require is the effort you must put into any goal or task you want to accomplish.

Persistence means that, no matter how hard it seems or gets, you will never give up until you succeed in your goal.

So when you add that up with the energy you definitely understand that you are strong enough to carry out that task.

And even when the task seems to be stronger, you don’t have to give up until you overcome it.

What’s our motivation for this quote?

Our motivation for this quo is to put all our efforts (energy) into a goal we want to achieve, and no matter how hard it will seem we should never give up but keep on (persevere) until we accomplish that goal.

Have a nice day!

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