On this post you are going to learn about the dollar to naira black market exchange rate for Friday, 28 January 2022.

You can also check Dollar To Naira Official Exchange Rate For Friday, 28 January 2022.

To exchange your dollar to Naira here in Nigeria, you can use the CBN rates or the parallel market rates which is available on the black market.

The black market is the most simple and common way of trading the US dollars by Nigerians because the exchange rate used in the bank is usually lower when compared to the one that is available in the black market.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today Friday, 28 January 2022.

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN)Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate570
Selling Rate575

It is important to note that the Dollar to Naira rate in the parallel or black market is always different from the official exchange rate that is obtainable from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Dollar to Naira official rate for today, Friday, 28 January 2022.

According to the data gathered at FMDQ Security Exchange where forex is traded officially. The official exchange rate between the naira and the US dollar for today Friday, 28 January 2022 opened at ₦(yet to be disclosed) to $1, after it closed at ₦415.21 to $1 on Thursday, 27 January 2022.

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Exchange rate at the official NAFEX window

The exchange rate at the NAFEX window on Friday, 28 January opens at ₦415.21 to $1 after closing at ₦416.38 to $1 yesterday.

This shows a change of 1.33%.

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