It is so alrming the way Nigerian s*x videos are popping up online these days.

Last year was Tiwa Savage’s own, and while we were still trying to get over it, Oxlade own hit the internet.

And while we were still trying to get over it, the Chrisland school s*x tape of 10 years old girl came on board.

At the heels of the Chrisland school saga comes a s*x tape which is hard to fathom, and it is that of a Nigerian lady sleeping with a dog for 1.5 million naira.

The video shows an unidentified chocolate lady bending down on doggy style, removing her panties, while a huge German shepherd, salivating, walks up to her and start hitting her from behind ferociously amidst moans. This incidence is said to have happened at Lekki, in Lagos for 1.5 million naira.

Shocking? Sure. I swear this sex video has really put the internet on fire, with many people wondering why a the owner of a dog would pay a lady to have sex with his dog or why a lady would agree to have sex with a dog for money, no matter the amount.

Still, the truth is, many Nigerian girls are doing this is just to have a flamboyant lifestyle.

However, one of the ladies has been quoted as telling a friend Whuraola that after sleeping with 13 dogs she got an apartment and bought a Lexus jeep with the money she got from the act.

But the worst part of the story is that at the moment she is suicidal and battling with chronic, incurable diseases, as she has spent her fortune to treat herself, but all to no avail.

Click here to read the confessions of the lady.

Last modified: April 30, 2022



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