Cheapest Online Music Promotion
cheapest online music promotion

In this article, I will try my best to reveal to you, the strategy we are using to achieve the cheapest online music promotion.


Every single day, lots of upcoming artiste in Nigeria are getting tired and bringing their music career to an end.

Simply because they cannot seem to get positive results from online music promotion.

While conducting a little research on these kinds, we discovered that, lots of upcoming musician upload their songs on social media and free websites, which allows them to.

And in doing so, they think they are doing online music promotion.

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Uploading songs on social media.

Uploading your songs and hyping them on social media platforms will never yield the needed results.

Unless, you spend more money everyday to run Ads that will enable you reach a targeted audience.

But even then, you have to be an expert in running Ads, else, you will just be spending your money and getting no positive results.

Think about those times you keep posting your songs on your social media accounts and pages!

While hopelessly watching everyday to get likes and comments.

And sadly, you cannot get more than 50 to 100 likes or comments. Even though you have a thousand friends or those who like and follow your pages.

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Uploading songs on free music websites

On the other hand, uploading your songs on a free music website, for online music promotion will also bring no positive results.

This is because, you are just submitting your songs to a website’s plug-in that dumps it somewhere.

And then generates a link it expects you to share to your social media accounts or pages. And hope on people to click through and listen or download.

Of course, that brings you to the same cycle of, hopelessly trying to use your social media handle to promote your music.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The secret truth here is that, every website in the world depends on the term “traffic”. In order to make their posts or contents get to a massive audience.

And this traffic can only be achieved when certain measures and settings are being configured on a website.

And we call that configuration SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Using traffic to achieve cheapest online music promotion

Traffic is one word that every blogger in the world acknowledges and pursue at all cost.

And it is SEO that enables traffic get to a website.

Traffic can be achieved in 2 ways: Organic and Paid.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is the means by which, people find or stumble on a post or website contents while using a search engine.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is achieved through the use of Ads- short for the word AdSense. Which involves spending money to reach a targeted audience on the internet.

As we now understand, organic traffic requires no funds (money), while Paid traffic will cost you so much money.

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At this point therefore, I would like you to understand that, uploading your music on a free website will never allow you to achieve any of the traffic mentioned above.

Because, as we said earlier; it is a plug-in that does the uploading job.

But if you pay a blogger a certain amount of money- no matter how small.

He or she will configure your song’s keyword or phrases. To make it visible to search engines.

And in so doing, people will stumble on that your song, while searching for a related keyword or phrase.


When you pay us the little token- just 1000 Naira, we will upload your song and cover design on our website.

We will then move on to use your stage name and song title, to create a focused keyword or phrase on our SEO plug-in.

And once that is done, when people are searching for that same or related keyword or phrase.

They will definitely stumble on your music, and be drawn to listen or download it.

If you have read about, how Burna Boy was able to sell millions of unit online on the song “YE”.

You will understand that.

If your song title is the same, or even close to, a particular song that too many people are searching for online, at a particular time.

They will likely click through to listen to it, and once that song is good, I bet you, your views and downloads will definitely increase.


Yes we have!

There is a song on this website that had more than 10,000 downloads, in less than a week after it was uploaded.

You can confirm from the link below.


Since there is nothing more we will do than upload your song and optimize your keyword or phrase for search engine, we are charging only 1000 Naira.


Click the payment portal here if you want to make online payment.

And when your payment is successful, a link will take you to the admins WhatzApp account.

And there, you will drop your song and cover design, and give at least 24 hours to get your confirmation link.

If you however want to make an online bank transfer or use the ATM machine.

Please transfer to the bank account number below.


When you finish making the transfer. Follow the link below, and contact the admin of this site on WhatzApp.

Once there, drop your song and cover design.

And give at least 24 hours to receive your link.

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Cheapest Online Music Promotion

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Eventus Okon is a Blogger, Music Promoter, Web Designer, Cinematographer, Photographer and Entrepreneur. He is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State. You can connect or contact him via any of his social media accounts or phone number below.

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