“Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting – Joshua J. Marine.

challenges are what make life interesting

In this quote, we are going to explain a quote by Joshua J. Marine and the quote says: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”


There is no way we can ever escape challenges in life.

Even if you are the boss, challenges will come from dealing with your staffs; or your employees.

Some people believe in delegating tasks to others, while they sit back and expect good results.

But how often these kinds meet the challenges of being disappointed.

I gots to make my money work for me; but the money has no legs nor hands, it can only motivate people to work for you.

Back to life’s challenges, they are there for a purpose. Because they help us learn more about life.

And the more we learn about life, the more we understand life.

Without challenges, life would seem too full.

Imagine having to embark on a tasks with nothing or no one posing a threat, or say the possibility of failure was never there.

I personally believe that the fear of failure is what motivates us to succeed.

That is why those who do not guard against it usually fail.

If we are able to immediately spot the challenges in any situation we are pursuing, then it would be easy to avoid or guard against them.

And that is the very key to success.

What’s our motivation for this quote?

Our motivation for this quote is to always accept the challenges that comes in life, and see them as the means of learning and understanding life.

Then work towards overcoming them in order to succeed; and it’s only then we can add meaning to life.

Have a nice day!

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