Benefits Of Verifying Your Audiomack Account.

Benefits Of Verifying Your Audiomack Account.

There is no way that ordinary and verified users can enjoy the same experience on any online platform, and Audiomack is no exception, therefore, I am going to show you the benefits of verifying your Audiomack account on this article.

But before you read this article I hope you have verified your Audiomack account, and if you have not you can Click Here and learn how to do so.

Below are the benefits of verifying your Audiomack account.

Benefits of verifying your Audiomack account.

1. You will gain a fantastic dashboard with advanced statistics

While ordinary users are struggling with a dashboard that will take time before they understand; as a verified users you will be given a very simple and user friendly dashboard.

From your dashboard you will be able to view how your tracks and contents are performing.

You will get to see how many streams you are having, and most importantly where they are coming from.

Also, you will get access to easily upload and edit your contents, as well as reply to comments.

Most important of them all, you will gain access to monetization tools that will help you earn as well as make more money from Audiomack.

2. Automatically notify your followers of your new release.

When you verify your Audiomack account, you will get access to an automated notification tool that will enable you to instantly notify your fans of your new releases.

3. Submit your contents for trending and playlisting consideration.

As a verified Audiomack user, you will have the opportunity to submit your contents to playlist curators and moderators for trending and playlists consideration.

Trending and playlists help Audiomack creators to be discovered as well as get streams for their contents.

And only verified users are allowed to submit their songs, albums and podcasts for consideration.

4. Be allowed and accepted to use the creators services.

Audiomack has monetization programmes which helps their creators to earn from their contents on Audiomack.

One of such is the AudiomackMonetization Programme (AMP).

If Audiomack accepts you into this programme, you will then be able to make money from Audiomack.

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