Blogging is not as difficult as some suppose, neither is it easy as others guess, it all depends on what intentions you have when you begin blogging, most specifically whether you are going to take blogging as a part time or full time work.

Writing contents regularly is the fundamental basis of blogging, and if you slack in that aspect, then it is not blogging that you are really into.

The simple point to note here is that you must write contents whether you like it or not; period!

And the simplest way to achieve that is scheduling your posts, so in this article I am going to reveal to you the few benefits of scheduling your posts.

1. Scheduling will give you much control over your contents.

Scheduling your posts will help you know exactly how many of them you have to deliver every week, as well as the deadline for their delivery.

Scheduling will also help you to write your posts in advance and plan your week ahead, and in then get time to attend to other daily routines.

And in so doing you will gain much more control over your contents.

2. It will give you the opportunity of writing longer posts.

Bloggers who are not fond of sticking to a certain schedule for posting their articles will always publish them as soon as they write them. However, this is not always wise.

Because, sometimes you may finish and publish the article only to discover few days later that there are more valuable information you could add to it.

But when an article has been published, there is nothing more you can do about it. But if you write in advance, you will be able to make the necessary changes before publishing it.

3. You can make the most of your blog posts.

The time for publishing a post on a blog really matters a lot; because if a post goes live at the right time, more people are likely going to read and share it.

For instance, if you prefer to write at night an publish your post early in the morning, instead of worrying yourself about waking up to publish it, you can schedule the time you wish your post to go live.

4. You will have enough time to read and research.

Having a post schedule will give you more time to work on your contents, which includes doing a deeper research to get the necessary information that will add value for your readers.

I consider this point the most important of all advantages of scheduling blog post, because writing articles that does not add value to your readers will make them abandon your blog, or never come back again.

So instead of writing a post in a hurry, come up with a plan like; list out all of the sources you might need that will offer more interesting facts and useful information in your posts.

5. You can take a break or go on a holiday or vacation.

Scheduling your blog posts will help you to always take a break, go on a holiday or vacation.

It’s simple, just write out the number of posts you need for the week you want to take a break; for example, if you always publish 3 posts in a day, then 21 posts is going to make 1 week.

So write them out and schedule 3 to be live everyday, then go on your holiday and vacation while your post gets live when their time is due.

6. It will help you relieve some stress.

One of the advantages of scheduling your post is that it will allow you to relieve some part of the stress caused by blogging.

For instance, lack of scheduling your blog post will have you writing I the late of night, or stressing to meet up with your publishing plan when you realize that some days have gone by and you haven’t published a single post.


I believe by now, you have really seen the need of scheduling your blog post, so don’t waste time to set your schedule and enjoy your blogging career.

Have a nice time Blogging!

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Last modified: September 20, 2021



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