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Benefits Of Promoting Your Songs On Music Blogs In Nigeria.

On this article, I am going to show you the benefits of promoting your songs on music blogs in Nigeria, especially here at Taculia 9Ja.

As an upcoming musician, you can promote your music across all our platforms at a very affordable price.

Taculia 9Ja is the mother site of so many active online blogs which includes the 2 music blogs: and

Benefits Of Promoting Your Songs On Music Blogs In Nigeria.

There are so much benefits you are going to derive from promoting your songs on music blogs in Nigeria, and some of them are:

  1. It will increase your chances of blowing into the music industry.
  2. People will get to know about you by reading your artiste bio on music blogs.
  3. Some music blogs are run by record executives and their agents. Therefore, promoting your songs on music blogs can help you to be signed to a record label.
  4. Music blogs will help you to build a fanbase from those who have listened to your songs and followed you on your social platforms, or sign up to your website’s mailing list.
  5. Music blogs can build music industry connections for you.

Why upcoming musicians in Nigeria find it difficult to promote their songs on music blogs.

Lots of upcoming musicians, especially here in Nigeria are finding it very difficult to promote their songs; because of the high cost charged by popular music blogs.

Worst of all these upcoming musicians are unable to achieve their music promotion goal; even after they have paid these huge amount to the so-called popular music blogs.

It happens because no matter the millions of people visiting your site everyday; there is no way you are going to force them to listen or download a music that is being sang by an upcoming musician.

Moreover a good number of those visitors are pursuing interest that is never music.

How much do we charge for music promotion?

For this reason, we at Taculia 9Ja decided to make online music promotion easy for upcoming musicians; especially here in Nigeria by charging just:

2,000 Naira per Audio Track and

3,000 Naira per Music Video.

More benefits of promoting your songs on Music blogs in Nigeria.

So what are you waiting for? Use the WhatzApp button below to chat with us, or fill the contact form; and in no time your music will be live on this site.

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