2022 is almost here and I know you’ve made up your mind to start up a career in blogging, but before you do, permit me to quickly give you this beginners guide to starting a blog in Nigeria in 2022.

Why start a blog?

Starting a blog can never come or happen by chance, I am more than convinced that you already have a slight idea of what you are about to go into, and below should be the main reason why you want to start a blog.

  1. To share your knowledge and ideas to people.
  2. To generate so much income from monetizations, affiliate marketing, selling of products and services etc.
  3. To solve people’s problems.

Whatever might be your own reasons for starting a blog, the following beginners guide will be helpful for you to become successful.

Beginners guide to starting a blog in Nigeria in 2022.

1. Choose your niche.

Blog niche is a specific online marketing area that concentrates on providing or selling a particular product or service.

To choose the best blog niche, it is often suggested that you do a research to find out blogs that attracts traffic but are less competitive.

But my personal advice is for bloggers to always choose a niche according to their talents, occupation, or area of expertise.

And the reason is that, you will be relieved of the stress of having to research so much before you come up with even one content.

But if you are writing about what you already know, then everything will be flowing naturally from your brain, and this in the end will intrigue your readers when they figure out the reality in your contents.

2. Choose your domain name.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, most bloggers advice their beginners to choose a name that is already popular; or perhaps add or include keywords that matches their blog niche in their domain names.

But before you heed to such advice, think about the competition that comes with a name that is already popular.

I’ve seen a thousand and one blog with unique names becoming so popular.


Because, once you establish authority in your niche and your domain name becomes popular, it will be easy for people to sort you out on the ever busy cyberspace.

So whatever niche you chose for your blogging career, I suggest you use a unique name as your domain name (might even be your real name) because it is not a domain name that blows a blog but a content that ranks and attracts visitors.

But before you settle for your unique name as a domain name, make sure you confirm if the name already exists.

You can do so by running a Google search or even entering the name on your browser to see if someone else is already using it.

3. Choose a web hosting provider.

Hosting is an online storage facility that keep your blog’s data or files safe and secure while making it accessible to people when they click on your domain name.

Having a very good web hosting provider is very essential for your blogging career, because your host is the engine room for your website.

If you need a good hosting provider here in Nigeria, I will recommend the 2 I am using that has not given me any problems for so long now; and they are: Domainking NG and True Host.

If you want to learn more about web hosting in Nigeria you can read these 2 articles: How to get cheap web hosting providers in Nigeria and What makes a web hosting provider good in Nigeria.

N/B: choosing a domain name and hosting provider will cost you money, and if you are not financially sound to even buy a cheap domain and hosting providers; then you can learn how to open a blog for free and how to easily build your own free blog and start your blogging career, and as you advance and are able to raise money, you can then purchase a domain name and get quality web hosting provider.

4. Install you blog.

Once your domain and hosting has been propagated, the next thing you will have to do to make your blog come alive is to install it.

The popular installer used by bloggers in the whole world is WordPress.

To install WordPress to your blog, Tonto your Cpanel and scroll down to where you will find softaculous installer and select WordPress.

Input your blogs admin username and password and click install.

Wait for it to finish processing, and once it’s done your blog will go live on the cyberspace.

5. Design your blog.

Nowadays, majority of blogs are no longer designed from scratch, and all you need to do is to select a WordPress theme, install and activate it, and then make the necessary text and image changes to update your own information right away.

6. Install the necessary plugins.

There are necessary plugins you must install to maintain and accelerate the proper functionality of your blog.

These are plugins that will help you get nice and accurate designs, security plugins, and SEO plugins.

For designs install Gutenberg and Elementor.

For security install Jetpack and WordFence.

For SEO install Yoast SEO.

These plugins has free and premium versions, but I suggest you start with the free version and when your blog becomes popular you can then opt for premium ones.

7. Publish your first content.

Contents! Contents!! Contents!!!


Thats the only weapon you need to fight this war and win.

That’s the main thing that will make you get millions of visitors coming to your site one day.

So now that all is set, just go ahead and publish your contents.

Every blogger recommends at least 3 contents a day throughout your blogging career.


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