“Be Poor, Humble And driven (PhD). Don’t Be Afraid To Shift Or Pivot.” – Alex Rodriguez.

Be Poor, Humble And driven (PhD). Don't Be Afraid To Shift Or Pivot. - Alex Rodriguez.

In this post, we are going to look at the meaning of the quote: “Be poor, humble and driven (PhD). Don’t be afraid to shift or pivot.” by Alex Rodriguez.

Meaning of the quote.

Your location, present job, or goal might just be the reason you are poor.

But if you are humble and driven you stand a great advantage, even though you are poor.

However, if this humility and your inner drive do not seem to work, it means you are not just at the wrong place; and I suggest you consider relocating or reshuffling your plans.

However, this does not mean you are giving up on your goal, but re-strategizing might just be what you need.

If it’s your present job that is keeping you poor, then you need to find another one.

In the bible, God commanded Abraham to move from his father’s house to a land He is going to show him. (Genesis 12).

Now Joshua reveals that Abraham was from an idolatrous home.

And that might have been the reason God told Abraham to move before He could bless him.

Because God knew that if he blesses Abraham and he still remains in his father’s house; envy or any other ill might arise and rob Abraham’s house.

So you can use this example of Abraham and consider relocating if things do not seem to work out where you are.

Have a nice day!

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