Be Kind To Yourself Instead Of Beating Yourself Up. – Danielle Marie.

Be Kind To Yourself Instead Of Beating Yourself Up. - Danielle Marie.

We are going to explain a quote by Danielle Marie which says: “Be kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up over things that didn’t work out. Remind yourself of your successes.”

Thought on this quote.

If you are beating yourself up because things didn’t work out, then my only assumption will be that you have never succeeded before.

Stories of great men and women who did not give up on failure until they succeeded abound. Abraham Lincoln who was defeated for state legislature in 1832 and became president in 1860 is an example of those who fail, in order to win.

Most times, success is not just the accumulation of great wealth or attaining a high position of power in life; because to me waking up every day is the greatest success in this life.

Because it gives me the opportunity to keep on trying.

And the more I try, the more I get closer to achieving my goals, and indeed attaining success.

Maybe I hold onto this belief because I have seen so many friends and close ones die without achieving their goals.

So if I have the opportunity to still live and pursue my goals, why then should I bother about failure when I know that I will definitely succeed; and very soon indeed.

One thing about failure that I keep preaching is that it gives us the opportunity to learn that art we will use to overcome it when next we try; and in so doing succeed.


So whenever you fail, sit back and take a case study of those things that made you fail.

And if you are able to eliminate or adjust them, then you will never fail again, but succeed.

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