This article is going to concentrate on the basic Content ideas to help musicians build their fanbase on social media.

Without waste of time, let’s get to it.

Contents! Contents!! Contents!!! is what you will hear everyone knowledgeable in the online world talk about. Because, the only thing that feeds people and keep them online is contents.

People go online to gather information, be entertained as well as learn what they want to know.

You want to know the profile or what’s going on in the life of your favourite celebrity or role model, then you will find it easily online.

Do you want to listen to music, watch movies, comedy skits etc. Then you have to go online immediately.

Is there ant subject or topic you are willing to learn, then just go online and you will be able to do so.

As a musician trying to succeed in the music business, you must be able to produce contents that align with people’s interest.

Therefore, below are the 3 basic Content ideas to help you build your fanbase on social media.

1. Documentaries.

Documentaries are those contents that covers, either what happened or is ongoing in your life and musical career.

Could be a studio session where you are recording your new song, or even how you are doing the composition at home.

When you are performing live, you can get someone to record some of the footages.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a professional camera coverage as you can do that with your smartphone.

Another documentary you can create is an additional talent that you have. For example, if you know how to play the keyboard, you can make a live recording of how your routine for playing your keyboard is.

Whatever is going on in your life and career forms the basis of documentary contents you should be using to build your fanbase as a musician on social media.

Because while doing this there are lots of people that are going to either identify with your or do it for the sake of empathy.

Ensure that whatever you are doing ignites the emotions that will make people incline to you.

2. Entertaining contents.

Entertaining contents are simply the display of your musical skills.

This ranges from your official audio and music videos, freestyle videos, cover and viral videos.

As in documentaries, if you also have an additional skill like comedy; you can as well use it to entertain your audience, but do it in a musical way.

3. Educating contents.

Educating contents is what am doing right now. That is teaching you the things I know about the music industry.

And you can do this as well.

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