Basic Content Ideas For Content Creators.

basic content ideas for content creators

On this article, I am going to show you the basic content ideas for content creators.

There are scores of digital platforms that allows content creators to achive their purpose.

From company blogs to Instagram, YouTube and several other social media platforms.

But then, what each individual is going to do will depend on the nature of the brand or business they own or are working for; as well as the type of media they are using.

Lots of bloggers and writers spend a large part of their day doing research before they even start writing.

Their research could include looking at a similar content on the internet, gathering statistics or a product to reference within their contents, or even interviewing experts for quotes.

But as I said earlier, the content ideas will depend on the nature of the brand or business.

However, below are some content ideas you can use as a content creator to create contents.

1. Using a blog idea generator.

There are several online sources you can use to generate blog ideas if you find yourself stuck and not knowing where to start.

One of te best I will like to recommend to you is the HubSpot blog ideas generator.


This blog idea generator is very easy and simple to use.

All you need to do is add some keywords you wish to include in your content and click on the “give me blog ideas” button, and the tool will come up with lists of potential blog ideas you can incorporate into your contents.

In addition to the HubSpot tool, you can also check out Portent’s content idea generator.

2. Use Google search for idea suggestions.

If you already have a general topic in mind, why not start searching for it on Google.

email marketing

For instance, you can see all the suggested topics that come up with “email marketing” in the disgram above.

You can use these suggestions as a topic to cover.

In addition to the search suggestions, you can go to the bottom of the page and check out the related searches for the keyword you are looking for.

related searches

If you’re still not sure about what to search for in order to generate these suggestions, you can start with content titles you you have already written and posted.

The reason why this strategy is good is because, the topics you settle for will be very relevant to your audience.

Additionally, you can assume these new titles will to be SEO friendly because you sourced them through Google.

3. Your personal experiences.

Telling a story about something that actually happened to you is one content idea that will really entice your readers, especially those who can relate with the same story.

It could be a success story that changed your whole life, or probably a story about a mistake you did and the consequencies you suffered.

This story could be a recent one of a story froma long past.

Personal stories are often great because they make your contents very unique.

Eventhough people are likely going to have similar stories, the details of yours will never be the same as theirs.

4. Your social media followers.

You can get content ideas from those who follow you on social media.

All you have to do is click their profiles to see what they are talking about.

Having lots of of social media followers, will help you to get so much content ideas.

You can even ask your followers directly by posting a question on your social accounts and asking for replies.

For example, if your brand is related to the fitness niche, you can ask your followers what kind of food they usually eat to lose weight.

You can then use the answers to come up with new content ideas.


While it is sure that you will always suffer from writer’s block every now and then, you don’t have to struggle before you can come up with a content idea.

You have so much resources at your disposal, so why not use them today and take advantage of creating your contents.

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