Algorithm: Getting More Post Engagement On Social Media.

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Algorithm: Getting More Engagement On Social Media Posts

Algorithm is one great way of getting more post engagement on social media.

Thus, every social media user needs to understand how social media algorithm works.

Because it is only then he or she will be able to make good use of it.


Whether you are a business person looking to use social media to advertise and sell your products or services.

Social Media algorithm can help you reach a wider audience.

Also an upcoming artiste (musician, comedian etc) who understands social media algorithm, can use it to grow his or her fanbase.

Now let’s look at what social media algorithm is.

What is social media algorithm?

Social media algorithm is a means by which relevant posts appears on several users feed.

And the more engagement a post gets, the more algorithm is likely going to reward it.

Since it will be pushed out to more and more users.

Social media networks always decide which contents their users should see on their feed, based on their frequent interactions.

For instance, a post from your closest family member or friend will be on the front and center of your feed. Because those accounts are the ones you interact with the most.

In other words, social networks will review what type of posts you’ve been liking, commenting or sharing the most. And then use that review to place the same kind of post in your feed.

Before the advent of algorithm. Most of the social media networks used to display their post in a reverse chronological order.

That is, the time each of those post were published.

Once a user follows am account, the newest post from the owner of that account usually shows up first.

Why social media algorithm exists.

There are thousands of contents scattered about on the social media space.

Photos, videos and write-ups are being published every second.

And it is social media algorithm that ensures that all those posts do not appear on an individuals accounts. Especially for accounts that has millions of followers.

So therefore, the duty of algorithm is to deliver what you like most to your feed, And then flushes out the contents that might not interest you.

Algorithm Vs Ads

There is a popular belief that, social media algorithm is the reason why brands have to boost their posts to reach their targeted audience.

In other words, instead of brands struggling with, or waiting for algorithm to help them reach their target organically. They will settle for using ads instead.

Now, if a brand can apply the rules of running Ads, and ensure their contents are not low quality or irrelevant. They can use algorithm to reach their target audience.

But to be very honest, since algorithm involves machine and data science, the criteria for pay ranking can never be determined.

9 Ways Of Using Algorithm To Get Post Engagement On Social Media.

1. Engage More Audience With Events Photos & Captions.

Studies reveal that photos that carry event captions such as birthdays, weddings, child dedication etc. are likely to attract more engagement.

And once it does, algorithm will push it to reach more and more people; and in so doing garner more and more engagement.

So if you want algorithm to favour your post, use more photos with captions.

It might be the birthday of your spouse, children, family members or close relatives and friends.

Someone close to you might be having a wedding or child dedication ceremony. Just post their photos with a very captivating caption that calls for best wishes.

And you will be surprised at the audience who will like, comment or even share your story.

You can even check birthdays of friends on your social media account, download their photos and use it to publish a birthday wish, and you will see how quick others will follow.

2. Use Questions To Engage More Audience.

Since algorithm favours post with the most engagement i.e. posts with the most likes, comments and shares.

Perhaps one easy way to get people to engage with your post is by throwing questions at your followers.

And when once you have the post with the right and interesting questions, more of your followers are going to interact amd connect with it.

3. Post timing.

The right timing of a post is very important in a social media network.

For that reason, if you know when your audience are more active online and publish your post at that time. Many of them will see that post and engage with it.

According to research, the best time to publish a post varies from network to network.

So you must study those specific networks and know when your audience are active online. And then publish your post at those times.

4. Posting frequently.

Social media algorithm is more likely to reward accounts that publish posts frequently.

For that reason, it is very important for you to set up a post schedule, that will enable you to post regularly to each social network you are using.

To make it a lot easier for you, publish a post on one network that is connected to networks where your post can be shared directly.

5. Don’t post the same content over and over again.

If you post the same content over and over again, most of your followers will no longer engage with it.

There is no way a follower will want to comment on a particular post again and again.

So instead of reposting a particular content, experiment with different types of content and watch out for the one that works well. You can then use that result to understand what your followers like most, and use more of such contents to engage them.

6. Use more video contents.

The growing trend has is that, all social media networks rewards video contents that are posted directly to that network.

This then implies that you should not share video links from external sources. Rather upload the videos directly to each of your social media network.

Video contents tends to attract more engagements because of their watch time. That is to say, people are likely to spend much time on social media platforms watching videos, than they’ll just scroll through a piece of writing trying hard to understand its contents.

7. Don’t post direct links from external sources.

Post that promotes a link will not be rewarded by algorithm because, it involves moving users away from that particular platform.

Moreover, social media networks consider links as spams, and for that reason algorithm can never favour them.

So instead of just posting direct links, provide a context for any link you are sharing on a social network.

You can use an image and create captivating captions that contains humor, or even memes. Then insert your link on the bottom as a call-to-action.

Don’t write traditional terms like CLICK TO BUY as it will look too salesy. Though there is nothing wrong with promoting products or services via social networks. But you must tactfully package them to escape being left behind by algorithm.

If you are more keen about selling products and services via social media, you can opt for Ads to get best results.

8. Tagging other accounts.

When you are tagging other peoples accounts to your contents, you are sending out a one on one invitation for them to hopefully engage with it.

Therefore, if you are mentioning public figures, organizations, businesses or brands in your post, ensure that you tag their account.

9. Using the right hashtags.

When you add hashtags to your contents, you are attaching them to a certain category and in so doing, they are likely to become searchable.

Secondly, your contents will have the tendency to appear to the users whose interested are bonded to that particular tag.

Therefore, if you want to categorize all your contents, make sure you add the right hashtags to them.

Follow this link to read more about hashtags.

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