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advertise on taculia 9ja

An opportunity is open here for you to advertise on Taculia 9Ja.

You and I know that, nearly everything in the world today is being hijacked to the Cyber Space.

Few years back, newspapers, radios & TV stations, were the platforms for human being to place adverts, and spread the word about their business & investments.

But today, very few people have the time to read newspapers, listen to radios and watch televisions.

Because, with the availability of computers and especially mobile phones.

Humans can read, listen to and watch whatever contents at any given time or place, with just one click.

So therefore, you must get hold of this opportunity, and advertise on Taculia 9Ja.

And we will help you put your business/investments in front of thousands of people, who are visiting this platform on a daily basis.

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TEXT ADS: We will place your text ad at the top, middle, bottom and in between important posts on our site.

Where it will be visible for thousands of people to click.

BANNER ADS: We accept all web banner standard ads ranging from 300×250, 728×90, 320×100, 160×600 etc. We will place it on strategic position that will attract many views.

VIDEO ADS: Do you have any video ads about your business, products/services etc?

We know how we will pitch it to ensure our visitors click and watch it.

SPONSORED POSTS: If you have any product or render any kind of services you want the world to know.

We will help you to write and publish articles that will be made visible to thousands of people visiting our site daily.

SMS OR E-MAIL ADS: Your ads will be sent to thousands of phone numbers and e-mails verified with us. They are spam free.

Our prices are negotiable.

So if you want to advertise on Taculia 9Ja now, click on the WhatzApp link below to chat with us immediately.

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Or fill the form below and submit your chosen offer to us.

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