Ade Money – Feelings [Free Mp3]

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New song for mp3 download by Ade Money title Feelings.

”’FEELINGS”’ From fear 😱 to anger 😡to sadness😒 and down to happiness😁, all in all is the equation⚖️ life 🌫️leaves us with.

It’s an inevitable and indelible fact that life makes us indecisive😢.

Life is a simile to a martinet; you either let the struggle define you or you define it. ”’Feelings💔”’ and life go in paripaso.

ADEMONEY 🙌says life is a drama, a shrouded mystery🧐, it’s complicated after sussed. Why not check out ”’FEELINGS💔”’ newly released by the famous rapper and Fuji artiste; ADEMONEY 🙌Olorin🎼🎤.

He produces a whole lotta vibes 🥳with his mix of Fuji and hip-hop songs🎧. Trust me you won’t regret downloading his songs🎧.

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Listen and download Mp3 below.

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