Actress Nkiru Umeh Says “Sex Has Been The Easiest And Fastest Means Of Destruction For Men.

Nollywood actress and Entertainer Nkiru Umeh has taken to Instagram to share a post which focused on sex and what it means for men.

In her Instagram post, the entertainer expressed that sex has been the least demanding and quickest method for obliteration for men from the age in the Bible to this 21st century.

Calling attention to that incredible men additionally pass on due to sex, Nkiru added that ladies are denied positions, agreements, sponsorships and favors as a result of sexual inclinations. As per the entertainer, any man who has power over his sexual desires has vanquished 80% of his concern.

She proceeded to encourage guardians to focus on their kids as terrible nurturing causes a major issue.

She composed;

From the generation in the Bible to this 21st century. Sex has been the easiest and fastest means of destruction for men. Great men go down like chickens because of sexual urge. Men deny competent women positions, contracts, sponsorships, favors….and this list goes on….because of sexual urge. I repeat! Any man that has control over this, has really solved 80% of his problems on earth.

And my fellow parents…. apply pressure…. do we really know our kids….ask questions when things are not adding up….. pay attention parents, pay attention!!! You can’t be securing the bags and loose your offsprings. God help us to parent better, bad parenting is a big problem. The society we want starts from what we are breeding in our homes. May God console both families. May the dead find rest and may the living learn from this. I rest my case

Sex has been the easiest and fastest means of destruction for men - Actress Nkiru Umeh

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