About Taculia 9Ja

Asking about us, Taculia 9Ja is a website that offers both entertainment and business services.

What do we mean by offering entertainment services?

It means, we help upcoming musicians to promote their songs to a wider audience.

And in so doing, raise awareness of their brand and use that to gain as well as grow their fanbase.

Aside from helping to promote upcoming artiste.

We also have a music blog, which dedicates itself to providing the basic tips and tricks-both as articles and on AudioBooks.

Which are capable of helping upcoming artiste learn and gain the knowledgebase of the 9Ja music industry.

Still on entertainment…

We also upload and make available, popular 9Ja songs for easy and one-click mp3 downloads.

On the issue of online business.

We all know that nearly every business in the world today is gradually relocating to the internet.

People engage more on the internet than they listen to radios, watch televisions and read newspapers.

For that reason, we are committed to help upcoming entrepreneurs to understand, how to grow their business they are bringing to the online community.

To achieve this, we compose and upload articles on this site, which aims at providing the basic tips and tricks of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

And since we understand that majority of this upcoming entrepreneurs cannot afford their own website.

We give them the opportunity of advertising, promoting and selling their products and services via this website.

Finally, knowing that the easiest way to reach a targeted customer online is through Ads.

And also understanding that so many people do not know the tricks of running successful Ads.

We help our various clients to run effective Ads for their products and services.

Targeting the right audience in the right location.

And ensuring they get a return of their investments by attracting more customers.

Besides helping entrepreneurs.

We also ensure we carefully link up consumers and customers, to the best and reliable products and services on the internet.

We therefore assure you that, you will never regret landing on Taculia 9Ja. Because you will smile home with the best entertainment and business services.

And not only that, always return back for yet another reliable one.

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