A Famous Quote About Tenacity.

Once upon a time, a French scientist who developed the food preparation process known as pasteurization would write a quote that would be termed “a famous quote about tenacity”.

Tenacity being another word for determination, perseverance etc.

In this post therefore, we shall aim to look at the meaning of this quote as well as the meaning of tenacity in life and how you can make it become your own strength.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

A famous quote about tenacity.

A famous quote about tenacity was written by Louis Pasteur and it says “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

my strength lies solely in my tenacity quote
my strength lies solely in my tenacity quote

Meaning of “my strength lies solely in my tenacity”.

My strength lies solely in my tenacity simply means that one relies more on becoming successful than in giving up. And for this reason, no amount of failure will cause him to relent his effort as he will keep on trying over and over again until success is finally attained.

In this Louis Pasteur quote about tenacity, he reveals tenacity as the secret that has led him to achieving his goals. And this paints a clearer picture of a man who has made it out of tistle and storms, because if he had it any easy he wouldn’t have come to the existence of that word “tenacity”.

Therefore, if you want to achieve your goals in life you must always learn to hold on and continue to try over and over again until you eventually become successful.

What is tenacity in life.

Tenacity in life is simply the ability to withstand all odds until one achieves success in anything they are pursuing in life.

This means that no matter the resources spent and years wasted, one will continue to invest it all until he becomes successful.

Some people might choose to see failure as the end of their efforts in accomplishing a goal, but with tenacity, failure becomes a stepping stone to understanding how better one would have gone about the goal.

This ‘understanding better’ lies in studying the errors one made and coming up with ways of eliminating them before embarking on the mission again.

How tenacity becomes a strength.

Tenacity becomes a strength when an individual refuses to submit or bow to any amount of pressure that is meant to make him give up.

A tenacious individual does not see failure as an end to achieving goals, rather he gathers the experiences he has had so far and detect the mistakes or errors that caused him to fail before he picks up the goal and keeps trying.

Final thoughts.

When you posses that tenacious spirit, you will never see yourself being too small or imperfect to achieve a set goal, rather you would learn from the quote of the mosquito making a difference and also understand that you do not need perfection in order to succeed.

Good luck!

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