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7 Ways To Set Your Goals And Make Them Happen.

7 ways to set your goals and make them happen

This article will teach you the 7 ways to set your goals and make them happen.

Setting goals for the things you want in life and working towards achieving them is an important part of being human.

The road we travel to achieve our goals may not always be smooth or easy, but when you have goals, whether big or small, it will definitely make your life good.

It will give you a sense of meaning and purpose, as well as point you in the direction you want to go and soon you will find how interesting and engaging it’s going to be.

Now let’s see the 7 ways you can set your goals and make them happen.

1. Come up with an idea or plan.

The very first step to setting your goals and making it happen is to come up with an idea or plan.

It doesn’t really matter what idea or plan it is, as long as it’s something you want to do or achieve for your life; but make sure it’s something you feel excited about doing.

And most especially it’s something you want to do for yourself and not someone else.

Your idea or plan could be big or small;

Sometimes it’s adviseable to start with something small and expand as you begin to make progress.

2. Write down your goals.

Writing down your goals will help you to remember them, and that will increase your chances of sticking to them.

Write down the things that are necessary to do or carry out in order to achieve your goal.

Also write down the time frame you will need to achieve your goal.

That is to say, you must describe your goal in specific terms and timescales. For instance, the goal I have is to publish at least 500 articles on this blog before the year runs out.

I have barely 2 months left to do so.

My first step was to do a keyword research for the top ranking keywords that has a high CPC value.

And I have done that already, and today alone I have been able to write and publish at least 5 articles.

From tomorrow however, I need to increase the number of articles I publish a day.

I have 60 days to achieve this goal, and if I can publish at least 10 articles a day, then I will be done achieving my goal in 50 days.

That’s how to write down your goals.

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3. Have others review your goals.

If you have friends and family members you trust; or if you have a spouse or counsellor, you can get them to review your goals and probably contribute their own ideas and make suggestions.

Let them also act as reminders; always calling and checking up on how far you are going to achieving them.

4. Begin with smaller goals.

Always learn to begin with the smaller goals first and gradually work your way to crafting in the bigger goals as you begin to achieve the smaller ones.

Sometimes our big goals are always a bit vague or hidden, and achieving the smaller ones will help us understand them better.

Also the smaller goals will take a little time frame to achieve, whereas the bigger ones will rquire a much longer time.

So write down your smaller goals and try to set deadlines for achieving them.

Achieving several smaller goals makes it easy as well as gives us a feeling of success along the way, which also makes it more likely that we’ll stay on track towards achieving our bigger goals.

5. Think and take your first step.

A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a step, as an ancient Chinese proveb says.

Therefore, plannning and taking your very first step will really put you on the road towards achieving your goal.

Even if you don’t know where to start, don’t make excuses but just think and somewhere to take your first step.

6. Persevere.

Trying to achieve your goals can sometimes seem very difficult and frustrating; and for that reason you always need to persevere.

If a step you’ are taking isn’t working, think of something else you could try that still moves you forward, no matter how small it may seem.

You can always seek advice from people you trust, and also find motivational quotes that will always keep you on track.

When you think about different ways of reaching your goals, it will make it more likely that you will be successful.

If you find yourself struck; then take a break review the goal you wrote down when you started.

If it requires adjustment, you can do so. Then keep on pursuing your goals after that.

7. Celebrate.

Reaching your goal will always call for a celebration.

Sometimes you don’t have to wait until you achieve it all, you can begin by celebrating your little successes; and that will give you a supernatural energy to continue doing it.

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