7 Basic Steps To Start Your Own Corporation.

I hope by now you’ve known the benefits of starting your own corporation, and in this article I am going to show you the 7 basic steps to start your own corporation.

7 basic steps to start your own corporation.

1. Choose your corporate name and address.

Perform a corporate name search to make sure your business name is unique, so you won’t have trademark problems in the future.

2. Select a state you wish to incorporate.

Setting up a corporation in your own home state will be cheaper and easier than outside your state.

3. Select your type of corporation.

Your type of corporation will depend on your type of business.

So use your type of business to determine your best type of corporation.

4. Choose your company directors.

You will have to fill in your companies directors and other positions within the articles of incorporation and by-laws.

So make sure you select your directors and other positions appropriately.

5. Select your share type.

As a business corporation, you are liable to issuing common and preferred sticks, so make sure you select the best depending on your situation.

6. Obtain your certificate of incorporation.

This should be available from your local state office or a business retailer.

7. File your incorporation with a registered agent.

Your incorporation file can be completed by a lawyer or a DIY kit.

Make sure you finally file your incorporation with a registered agent.

Finally, the decision to incorporate your business or not is very very important.

Make sure you seek business advice from professionals in order to determine if the time is right for you to incorporate your business.

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