On this article I am going to show you the 6 best social media platforms you can use for marketing.

There are scores of social media platforms emerging everyday and they are all good in their own way.

But when it comes to social media marketing, I think you should stick to the 6 best and known social media platforms that have been in existence for long.

This 6 social platforms has a combined audience of over 3 billion users, and that figure will give you enough and unparalleled opportunity to build an audience for your brand or business.. 

So without waste of time, let’s get onto the core of this article.


Facebook has over 2 billion daily users and has held the position of the most popular social media platform for quite a long time now.

And when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook comes first, and for that reason it should be your number one option.

The only disadvantage of Facebook is that, there is not much organic reach and if you want to reach a wider audience you have to use it’s paid Ads; which has the best targeted Ads system in the world.


Facebook has an average user between ages 13 to 40 years old.

Best way to use Facebook.

  1. Optimize your Facebook page with good product images and videos.
  2. Do live videos to showcase your new products.
  3. Respond to your potential customers positively.
  4. Use paid ADs, don’t rely on organic reach.


Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to write only 280 characters for your posts.

And for this reason, you must always go straight to the point whenever you are using Twitter to convey a message for your brand or business.

This platform does not require you to spend much money in running Ads to reach a wider audience, so long as you are consistent in your posting, over time you will be able to gain audience.

This social platform concentrates more on tribes; and it’s users follow topics they are interested in.

If your business targets passionate followers, then Twitter is the best platform for your social media marketing.

However, to succeed on Twitter, you must be able to find your niche.


Twitter has an average user of around 25 years of age.

Best way to use Twitter

  1. Twitter invented hashtags which helps you to reach those who do not follow your account; so use it on your post a lot.
  2. Interact with other brands and businesses, especially in your niche. 
  3. Share positive feedback from customers with your followers. 


Instagram is a more visual platform owned by Facebook.

If you have video contents for your marketing strategy, then this is the best platform for you.

Paid adverts is easy on Instagram as on Facebook.

And you also have the opportunity to meet influencers who can help you advertise your brand and business.

Though this is often expensive, but it yields very great results when it comes to social media marketing.


Instagram has an average users that falls between 13 and 29 years of age.

  • Hashtags also workds well o Instagram, so make sure you use it a lot.
  • Use stories every now and then to keep your followers engaged.
  • Post more than twice in one day.
  • Use high-quality images, especially when you want to run Ads.


YouTube is the best place you can use videos to engage yourcustomers.

You can always make tutorials video to explain your brand or business to your customers, or say teach them about it.

However, one disadvantage of Youtube is the frequent updating of their algorithm.

Which means that if you want to get organic growth, you must always tweak your contents, and this can involve making longer videos.


YouTube has an average user of 25 years of age.

People turn to Youtube to be entertained or informed. Users tend to be on the younger side and look for dynamic content with engaging hosts. 

Best way to use YouTube.
  • Always publish contents frequently.
  • Make videos that are longer than 10 minutes.
  • Let your videos contain information that are valuable to your customers.
  • Add more value to your contents.


LinkedIn is a more of a business platform than a social network.

And to get the best out of this platform, you must be able to present your business professionally.

Their paid adverts has a higher conversion rates, eventhough it is very expensive.

And their organic reach is awesome.


LinkedIn ahs an average user of 35 yeears of age.

How to use LinkedIn.

  • Showcase your business professionally.
  • Share your industry related posts, that is capable of starting conversations..
  • Be very consistent and engage with other users contents.


Pinterest is a very difficult social media platform to use, however, 93% of social media marketing firms are still using it.

This platform is more of an inspirational than business, but if your product can inspire people; then you will sell out.


Pintesres has an averege user of 40 years old.

  • Install basic widgets that will make it easy for you to pin contents.
  • Make sure your contents are of high-quality.
  • Post as often as possible.
  • Follow trends and use others contents as well.

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