Any profession in life that does not stick to principles will find it hard to thrive, and as we are approaching a new year 2022 and beyond, every business person that wants to grow needs basic principles.

There are businesses that began early this 2021, but as the year is running to an end; some of those businesses have been shut down, while others are in the verge of doing so.

And before we enter 2022, several new businesses are going to emerge; but sadly most of them will also suffer closure.

And if you embark on a little research you will discover that, the owners of these businesses had no basic principles that guided them business wise.

In this article therefore, I am going to present you with the 6 basic principles of business you must stick to in 2022 and beyond, in order to be a successful business person.

1. Manage Your Business.

Most people make the mistake of starting a business and leaving it in the hands of others to manage.

Even if it is a little provision shop you are starting, leaving it in the hands of either a person you employed or a relative is never the right decision.

There is no day job in the world that will consume 24 hours of a day, highest 5pm is generally the end of every day job across the world.

And from that time onwards, you have enough time to zoom into your business premises and see how things are faring for that day.

Do you know that most people make the mistake of checking in on their business only once in a while?

Even if your wife is the one managing your business, if you consider the saying ‘two heads is better than one’ you will understand that if both of you look into the business properly, it will yield more better than if she was the one looking into it alone.

For instance, you need to check up on your business daily sales to see which product is making the more sales in that particular environment. As well as which product people are not consuming the most.

Aside from the product making sales, also look in to see what profit it is contributing to the growth of your business.

So therefore, you must be ready to manage your business before you even start it in the first place.

And if your day job is not giving you enough time to do that, then let whoever is managing it give you daily reports so you can evaluate and know how to make your business grow the way it should.

2. Seek Business Advice.

Thank God we are living in a time where information is readily available with just a few clicks.

And as a result of that, anyone can learn and get business advice without much stress.

So one of the basic guidelines for business in 2022 and beyond is for business persons to seek business advice in whatever kind of business they want to start, or are already into.

The internet is a great source for doing so, and all you have to do is go to any search engine and enter the keyword for your business type; from thence yoi will find several business sites where you can get business advice.

But before you act on any business advice you get from the internet, make sure you have second an maybe third opinions.

You can first if all act on the advice as an experiment, and settle for it if it works the eay the advisor claimed.

3. Be Honest

It is always sad to discover that so many business people overlook the word honesty in their business dealings.

Honesty in business does not really mean selling a commodity on the average price everyone is selling, but it entails ensuring you are selling the best commodities.

Till thy kingdom come we will always have imitation goods and fake products around us. And forth reason , so many business people find a way of making gain by buying those kind of goods and rebranding them to sell and make big profit.

But the disadvantage is that you are going to loose your customers once your goods do not last with them as they expected.

Let me share my personal experience in regards to this issue with you.

There is this guy that sells jeans in my environment, and I wanted to make him my permanent customer once.

So I went to his shop and bought like 4 jeans, and we even had plans for him to be giving me at least 2 jeans every other week.

But the deal could not hold becasue those jeans I bought either tore or faded within few days.

And I later discovered that he usually bought faded jeans and dye them by himself before selling it to his customers.

Since then, I never bought any jeans with him again.

Now you can see how this guy loosed me as a customer simply because he wasn’t honest enough on what he was selling to me.

Therefore, even if you are going to make a little Profit but sustain plenty customers, do so. Rather than trying to make a bigger profit but loosing every new customer that comes your way.

So in 2022 make sure honesty is one of your basic business principles.

4. Be Sociable And Generous.

Business entails relating with people from all works of life. And the more people you know and relate the more you are going to attract customers to yourself.

Another point is that people gain more confidence when they are engaging with someone who is popular, since they believe that person is not going to run to anywhere because everybody knows him or her.

That is why brands pay huge sum of money to celebrities to help them advertise their business to a wider audience.

So as a business man or woman, it is very wrong for you to be keeping people at arms lenght, instead try and be socciable and you will gain confidence of people who eill end up as your customer.

5. Partner With Other Business

6. Be Wary Of Your Business Partners

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Last modified: August 21, 2021



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