43 Trust In God’s Plan Quotes.

43 trust in God's plan

Life is so unpredictable, often times our expectations don’t always seem to manifest and this threatens our faith in God, and for that reason I wrote this 43 trust in God’s plan quotes to help you overcome that urge to lost your faith in God.

1. “Things don’t always happen the way we planned. As we learn to trust in God’s plan, we will see that He has our best interests at heart.”

Dan Ellis

2. “Know when things get tough that all things work out for the best of them who know and love Him. Know that God is in charge.”

Michael Caputo

3. “It may seem like we have the ultimate plan for our lives, but it’s not in the same galaxy of what God’s plans are for His people.”

Monica Johnson

4. “God’s plan is always the best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard. But don’t forget that when God is silent, He’s doing something for you.”

5. “I don’t think any person has any special knowledge about what God has planned for me and you any more than me and you do.”

Willie Nelson

6. “I think God is perfect, all-powerful and has an unstoppable plan for everyone, including those who love him and those who don’t.”

7. “Trust God’s plan because He knows best.”

Kirk Cameron

8. “That’s God’s design for the way we give and express His generosity. Giving is meant to be joyful and fulfilling.”

Chip Ingram

9. “Whether we are healed or not, God uses everything for some purpose, a greater purpose than we often can see.”

Wendell E. Mettey

10. “For I know the plans I have for you, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

11. “Every Christian by his or her very relationship to Christ seeks to know the will of God for each major decision in life.”

Kirk Youngblood

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12. “God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once, just step by step because he wants to teach us to walk by faith not by sight.”

Kirk Youngblood

13. “We must remember God’s plan for us is not our plan. God’s plan for us is far larger and better than any plan we can imagine.”

Faye Horton

14. “I trust that as you read you will realize that you are God’s masterpiece created to do things that you can’t even yet imagine.”

Mark J. Musser

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15. “I don’t know what God has planned for me or you or anyone, but I do know that in darkness, you discover an indistinguishable light.”

Cory Booker

16. “God will not permit any troubles to come upon us unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.”

Peter Marshall

17. “I just hope people see that if God can do something beautiful with my broken pieces, then God truly has a plan for each and every one of us.”

Nick Vujicic

18. “I’m walking this walk, and my life has nothing to do with my perception of the world. It’s all God! How do I function within His plan?”

Stephen Baldwin

19. “What hurts most is that you know your love for God is strong, yet you can’t seem to understand what He is trying to work out in your life.”

David Wilkerson

20. “Even if we don’t always know what is going on in our lives or things are changing, God knows and He has a plan to make things great for us.”

Patricia Meyers

21. “As we get into the mind and plan of God, our faith will grow, and its power will be manifest in ourselves and those for whom we are believing.”

Andrew Murray

22 “Such individuals come to the realization that no matter how greater their own hopes and plans for their lives, God’s hopes and plans are greater.”

Amberly Ruck

23. “We all search for happiness and we all try to find our own ‘happily ever after.’….All you have to do is trust your Heavenly Father. Trust Him enough to follow His plan.”

24. “Remember, when God is executing His plan in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed.”

T. B. Joshua

25. “I used to wonder if it was God’s plan that I should be alone for so much of my life. But I found peace. I found happiness within people and the world.”

Lana Del Rey

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26. “Whenever you do not understand what’s happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say: “God I know it is your plan. Just help me through it.”

27. “Always trust your gut instinct. There will come a time when you will understand, but for now trust God has a plan greater than you have ever imagined.”

Shannon L. Alder

28. “God does not make errors in anything he says. He does not obscure the truth, by accident or by design. He does not fail to do anything he has said he will do.”

Timothy Keller

29. “As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than your original planned. That’s what we called, God’s will.”

30. “And I think that when I finally decided to let go and let God and allow that to happen, I became a lot more successful than I could have done if I had planned it all myself.”

Clay Aiken

31. “Indeed, there is nothing like suffering to remind us how much we need God. What good news that His purpose and plan for our lives move in a different direction from ours!”

Tullian Tchividjian

32. “And I am just one of many who repurposed their lives after they heard about the plan God had for them and as they experienced how God moved in another person’s life and purpose.”

Matt Brown

33. “So what do you desire to do? What do you really want to do as a person? You need to stop and document that; write it down; make a plan; and then God says, ‘I’ll direct your steps.’”

Myles Munroe

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34. “We have learned that every child is precious and that every life is sacred. We have discovered that God doesn’t make mistakes, so every situation that isn’t “normal” is something He allowed.”

Brandon Buell

35. “I think I just learned that God has a plan for all of us, and I work hard and do all the things I can, but at the same time, His will is perfect; and me trying to control it, it’s not going to work.”

Matt Holliday

36. “God’s plan is to make much of the man, far more of him than of anything else. Men are God’s method. The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men.”

Edward McKendree Bounds

37. “God’s way is much better than your way. His plan is bigger than your plan. His dream for your life is more rewarding, more fulfilling, better than you’ve ever dreamed of. Now stay open and let God do it His way.”

38. “Death is something untimely and will always leave the heart, soul, and mind wounded because a piece of our own lives feels scraped away when we lose someone. Though the pain is unfortunate, God always knows best.”

Jerrica Davis

39. “I’ve never guided my life. I’ve just been whipped along by the waves I’m sitting in. I don’t make plans at all. Plans are what make God laugh. You can make plans, you can make so many plans, but they never go right, do they?”

John Hurt

40. “What religion a man holds, to what race he belongs, these things are not important; the really important thing is this knowledge: the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

41. “God has a plan for you – I can promise you that. Your life is sacred. There is and always has been a path for your soul, and if you follow that path, it will lead you to the inner utopia that your soul longs to experience in this lifetime.”

Debbie Ford

42. “Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, if by this we mean evil is a part of God’s plan. But God does ensure that evil will not prevail and that light will always, ultimately, overcome the darkness. If we follow God’s lead, our work is to push back the darkness.”

Adam Hamilton

43. “As we journey through this life – through the easy times and the painful times – God is fashioning us into people who are like his Son, Jesus. That means God is in the process of changing what we desire far more than he is in the process of giving us what we desire.”-

Charles Stanley.

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