3 Questions You Must Ask Before Quitting Your Paid Job For Freelancing.

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In this article, we are going to learn about the 3 questions you must ask yourself before quitting your paid job for freelancing.


Freelancing is a career path that can help you to have your own personal schedule for each day as well as take out time to relax and ease your mind.

For this reason, trying to mix up freelancing with a paid job may be one of the biggest mistakes you are going to make as a freelancer.

Why you want to quit your paid job.

why you want to quit your job?

And am supposing you are already working on a 9 to 5, whether for the government or a firm; and the ton or load of work is not just giving you the chance to focus on your freelancing career, and for that reason you are considerign quitting your day job.

Sometimes you land a freelancing work that doubles your monthly salary in your paid job; but the lack of chance robs you of the opportunity to settle for such freeelancing work and make good money.

Though freelancing jobs may not come so often, and for that reason it is wise to still keep your paid job and squeeze out time to do your freelancing work.

As a matter of fact, there may be several reasons why you are really considering quitting your day job.

But before you ever make that wild decision that you might live to be thankful for or regret, make sure you consider the 3 questions I am going to reveal to you in this article.

Question #1: Do you possess the characteristics of a self-employer?

There is stability in working all 9 to 5, mainly because the assurance that once the month ends you are going to receibve your pay.

On the other hand, freelancing may be something kind of, if not more than a fantasy; because there are times no jobs will be coming forth, or even if they do, it might come with timely delivery that might give you so much headache.

Besides, you also need to position yourself at where people are considering freelancers to work for them rather than employ staffs and workers whom they will put on a daily pay.

For this reason, you just have to look beyond fantasy when it comes to freelancing and consider it as a genuine career.

Your potentials for success will only be determined by how persistent and passionate you are about freelancing.

The power to improve the odds of your business and make progress lies at your disposal; and your success or failure is going to solely depend on your work ethics.

And in order to succeed, you just have to possess the characteristics of a self-employer who is successful which includes but not limited to punctuality, demonstrating high level of energy and passion to work, having a totally optimistic outlook and above all else maintain the eagerness to learn.

Question #2: Is my timing right or am I behind or ahead of time?

To become a successful freelancer, you don’t have to be behind or ahead of time, you just have to make sure your timing is just right.

The timing doesn’t really entail being free, rather it involves your financial status at the moment.

Certain things you need to consider here is:

  1. Do you have bills to pay?
  2. Are you a family person that has responsibilities on others; most especially your wife and kids. Your wife might be a house wife and your children are already in school, which means you have to buy food in the house and pay your children’s school fees.

If you are single, then your list of necessities is going to be a bit shorter.

The reason you need to put all this into consideration is that, there are sure going to be times the freelancing jobs are not forth-coming and you have to survive.

Another thing to put into consideration is your current networking status. That is to say, you must have at least few prospective clients in the wings before you decide to leave your paid job.

Also make sure you’ve at least received few payments from them before you decide to quit your paid job.

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Question #3: What niche or industry are you going to concentrate on?

This is the most important question you have to put into consideration before deciding to quit your paid job for full time freelancing.

There are niches and industries that will give you enough money with just one job. Especially those ones that will require you to be doing timely management.

For example, if you are into web design like I do in Webflex NG, there is the possibility of managing the websites you have built for lots of clients or even companies for a monthly pay.

But you have to understand the areas or limitations you are going to have on the management as well as how many clients you have decided to do the management.

For instance, deciding to be uploading contents for your clients is not going to involve a lot of stress. Because it is your clients that will write the articles or contents and do the moderation before sending it for you to upload.

But if you want to take on the job of writing and publishing the contents, then you must certainly have limits to the number of clients you settle for in order to be able to meet up with each of their schedules.

So make sure you understand how much the niche or industry you are going to freelance in will pay you as well as the load of work that has to be done.

Time to make the decision.

Time to make the decision.

Finally, finally, you have to take your time to think thoroughly before you decide to quit your paid job and go into full time freelancing.

Don’t let the excitement of one well paid freelancing contract make you to decide quitting your paid job.

Keep it in mind that if you are going to make ends meet through freelancing, you need to have lots of projects and or steady clients who are paying well.

Moreover, you ought to have time management that will help you regulate your projects and business responsibilities like meetings, social media upkeep, bookkeeping etc as you should.

Also, you have to expect at least 20 percent of your time to be wasted on non-paying obligations, especially for your devoted clients.


Freelancing is a very sweet career because it allows you to be your own boss even without a big company and employees.

But you need to understand that unlike being a boss who will have so many people working for you on a paycheck, freelancing will make you the kind of Boss that works on all your projects.

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