Though there are thousands of reasons why people build businesses, however in this article I am going to reveal to you the 3 core Reasons for building a business in 2022 and beyond.

Building a business is a very exciting but risky task.

Exciting in the sense that if it brings you excess cash, you will be able to achieve all your life’s goals; and risky in the sense that, failure usually accompanies business building.

Thus, before you delve into building any business, keep this 3 core reasons at the back of your mind.

To Make Excess Cash For Yourself.

The main reason you build a business is because you want to make money, and not just make money but make it for yourself.

If you’re working for someone else or the government, it will be hard for you to get rich. Even if you are on a high paying salary scale, your finance will be limited because you will always be on the spending side and wait for another 31 days before a new salary comes in.

But business guarantees your making income on a daily basis.

So one of the main reasons for building a business is that it will help you get excess cash that will be hard to finish no matter how you spend.

Another advantage you will gain from building your own business is that you will have enough time for yourself.

And this enough time will help you explore other business opportunities and keep making excess cash.

Unlike working for someone or the government will rob you of the time to even sit down and think on a business idea.

So in 2022, be mindful of the fact that 9nw of your reason for building a business is to make excess cash for yourself.

You Build A Business To Sell It.

Most of the wealthiest people we have on Earth are not the originators of their businesses; Someone else sold it to them.

If you are therefore able to build a very big and successful business, you might stand a chance of selling it to other big companies or even individuals and make big money.

Real estate is an example of one business that can help you make big money when you sell it.

You buy a land or house for a certain sum, and look out for someone who will buy it for a more bigger profit.

So when you think of building a business in 2022 and beyond, think of the kind of business you can sell later for a larger sum of money than you use in building it.

Sell Shares For Your Business To The Public.

Richest people in the world like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Henry Ford etc became wealthy because they sold shares of their business.

If you are therefore able to build a big business in 2022 and beyond, you can then start to sell the shares to the public and use the money to invest in more business.

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Last modified: August 23, 2021



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