Starting a blog may be fun and exciting, because now you’ve gotten the opportunity of writing about what you know best, but I think the hardest part of the business is getting people to read those things you’ve written.

That is why I am writing this article to show you 15 proven ways to promote your blog in 2022.

Yes! there are basic steps you must take to promote your blog if you really want it to become successful.

Else, you are likely going to give up when you discover that no single person have visited your blog after a year you begin running it.

No one can explain the frustration that comes with realizing that your blog has gotten no visitors for quite a long time now.

Without much ado however, let’s get into the soul of this article.

15 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog In 2022.

1. Write unique and high quality contents.

Yes! Because if your blog contents contain the right information people are looking for, they will get clued to your blog to gain more information once they discover it.

There are bloggers who base their contents on real life experiences rather than on some research from the same topic on other blogs.

Am however not saying you should not research, because research also helps you to compare your experience with what others in your same profession are going through.

But keep it in mind also that what works for Mr A might not work for Mr B, and if it even works, it will never be the same way.

So the rule of thumb is to compare other people’s experience, but write from your own personal perspective.

Your goal as a blogger is to teach, therefore if you are giving people the lessons that don’t work; or are just mere fictions they will desert your blog once they discover it.

2. Publish posts as much as you can.

Publishing more posts on your blog will increase your chances of ranking for keywords in search engines; and the result will be an inflow of organic traffic to your blog.

Some bloggers teach that 3 posts a day is minimum to keep your blog lively, but I think the more post you publish everyday will keep it more lively.

Take for instance if you have 200 keywords that rank and each brings you at least 5 visitors everyday, that means you will be having 1000 steady visitors coming to your blog daily.

So anyhow you can, make sure you publish more posts on your blog every single day.

3. Use Google Search Console to make your blog searchable.

Many a times you won’t have to wait for Google to discover your new content to crawl and index it to become live on search engines.

You just have to alert them of your post. And the only tool that will help you achieve this is Google search console.

Before now I hope you did submit your site to the search console, and understand how to effectively use it.

So that once you finish publishing your new content, go to Google search console and click on URL inspection icon and a placeholder will appear.

Paste the URL of your new post on the placeholder and click on search.

A result will then pop up telling you the URL is not on Google, now click on submit URL and wait for the response message that tells you your URL is successful submitted.

This then will help your new post to be found on the search engine faster.

4. Build both internal and external links for your blog.

Internal and external links are the two factors that helps a content to rank on search engines.

Internal links is easy since it happens on your blog, but external links will need you to go extra miles because you will be getting it from other blogs.

We call this external links backlinks, and if you know the importance of backlinks then you should aim to get quality backlinks for your blog.

5. Share your blogs contents on social platforms.

Social media platforms are the best and free tools for promoting your blog contents.

The simplest way to do this is to add social media share buttons on your website, and anytime you finish a particular content, you can then use it to share it to those social media platforms.

But social platform like Instagram does not allow it’s user share links on their posts, you can add a link to your website blog on the bio section, and anytime you publish a post, you put a call-to-action order for people to follow link in bio and read more of your contents.

Most of the social media links of your post will also account for a backlink to your blog.

So come 2022, you should use social media platforms as one of the proven ways to promote your blog.

6. Use Quora to answer questions.

Users are throwing lots of questions on Quota everyday, and most answers to those questions are sitting idly in most of your blog posts.

So why not join Quota today and offer answers to those questions and in the end of it add a link back to your site for further reading.

But then you must not do this as an all time duty, which means you have tobe very tactical in dropping links on Quora, lest you discover that no one is following them.

So what you should do is to be active on the platform and build trust with those who will care to click a link back to your site.

7. Reach out to social media influencers.

Social media influencing is a rising wave of online promotion these days.

And it involves getting a social media influencer who has tens of thousands, or perhaps millions of followers to mention your blog in their posts, and you will gain the trust of those followers to visit your blog and engage with your contents.

Though this type of promotion costs a lot, but if you have something valuable to present to an influencer, he or she might just decide to give you a free promotion.

But if you can afford their fees, it’s better, and when you do make sure you have what will generate income on your blog I order to have a return on your investment.

8. Guest post on other blogs.

Guest post is a means by which you write contents for other blogs and get a mention of backlink in return.

There are lots of sites you can find bloggers who are looking for guest writers in your niche.

Just Google them up and use guest posting to promote your blog in 2022.

9. Use SEO tools to monitor your websites performances.

As traffic begins to come to your site, you need to study the type of post you are beginning to rank for and target more posts that relates with such contents.

You might even choose to rebrand the particular content that ranks by adding more internal links that will retain visitors when they click to another content, an this will give you a better click through rate as well as reduce your bounce rate.

There are lots of SEO tools out there, but I personally make use of Google Analytics to monitor my blogs statistics.

There you will get to understand the keywords your blog is ranking for, and use that to your greater advantage.

10. Read and comment on other blogs.

Follow blogs in your niche and make use of their comments section as a tool for promoting your blog in 2022.

But you need to exercise caution when you do so you don’t fall a victim of spam.

You will avoid spam if you are dropping very few links on your comment on a particular blog and move on to the next to do the same thing.

11. YouTube tutorials.

While you are busy publishing contents you hope to rank on search engines, why not make a video for the same content and upload it on YouTube

Then add a link back to your website so that if your video trends on YouTube most of the viewers will visit you blog to ascertain the information you passed to them on the video.

12. Add a subscription forms to your blog to keep your readers updated.

You definitely want to retain the visitors that come to your blog for the first time.

And you can do this by adding a subscription form at the end of your post with a call-to-order for the visitor to subscribe to receive updates on new articles.

Make sure you promise them unsubscription if they find your service no longer interesting.

13. Use lists post a lot.

It has been discovered that most people love list posts no than the one that explains or describes a particular situation or topics.

This might be due to reading abilities or just wanting to gather information immediately and leave.

So while you write longer descriptive contents, make sure you also mix them up with lists contents in order to hook those who are in love with it.

14. Podcasts is helpful.

Podcasts help you to give a verbal analysis of your contents, and majority of people likes it a lot.

So while trying to promote your blog in 2022, make sure you also consider podcasting as one of your favourites.

15. Update and upgrade your old contents.

There are surely old contents that are sitting idly in your blog without attracting any visitor.

The reason might be due to lack of a ranking keyword, or the contents lack the lenght or information that should make it rank.

All you need to do is to add more information and update it, even though y means changing your title and URL that matches a trending keyword.

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Last modified: October 7, 2021



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