Now that you have succeeded in Google AdSense approval, by avoiding the things as well as doing the things that gave you Google AdSense’s approval – I hope you know the stress and pains you took to get it, except your’s was easy like that.

Now getting AdSense approval is not the end of the journey, but the ability to maintain your account forever.

And you can only do that if you are able to avoid your account from being suspended or banned.

And for that reason I wrote this article to show you the 12 ways to prevent your Google AdSense account from being banned in 2022.

12 Ways To Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Being Suspended Or Banned In 2022.

  1. Read and understand as well as stick to Google Adsense Guidelines.
  2. Making your Ads blend is very good for CTR, but then it produces a lot of accidental clicks which puts your account at risk of getting suspended or banned. So make sure you try and level up everything.
  3. Never tell your friends and family members to click your Ads because Google is going to detect it as incitement clicks.
  4. Avoid publishing copyrighted materials on your blog or website; because it’ll soon get your Adsense account banned.
  5. Be careful about the contents you keep publishing on your blog or website; make sure thaey don’t contain illegal activities, hacking, gambling, weapons, racism comments etc.
  6. If you have other admins on your blog or website you are using Google AdSense, always moderate their contents before you post it.
  7. Never use traffic exchange programs, because Google AdSense really hates bad traffic sources.
  8. Wow! I almost forgot, never ever click on your own Ads, Google has a pattern that will dig you out. You can read about it <> How Google detects invalid Adsense clicks and activities.
  9. Also, you must avoid inorganic traffic, make sure your traffic remains organic at all times. Too much inorganic traffic equals high bounce rate, which is also too bad for your sites ranking; and is one of the things that can get your Google AdSense account banned.
  10. Avoid Google arbitrage which means using too much Ads words as a traffic source for your sites that shows Ads.
  11. Set your AdSense account to show only Ads on allowed websites, and add all your websites in the list. And in so doing, you will avoid bloggers who copy and paste your Adsense code on their sites that does not abide by Google AdSense policies.
  12. Never put Google AdSense on emails or pop ups.


If you are able to stick to the above guidelines, yourGoogle AdSense will definitely be free at all times.


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Last modified: February 20, 2022



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