10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Secure Online.

10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Secure Online.

One thing people misunderstand about freelancing is that there are several jobs that exist for freelancing, that’s why I am going to show you in this post the 10 best paying freelance jobs you can secure online.


Hundreds of types of freelance jobs exists; for example, photography, writing, decoration, cake design and even a musician who is looking to perform in gigs and make a lot of money.

As the world has really gone digital, thousands of freelance jobs are existing and increasing tremendously online everyday.

And that same way are freelancers emerging and increasing tremendously by the day.

Because of this fact, there exist a big challenge and competition in trying to secure a freelance job online.

Securing a freelance job online will also depend on your career choic;, because there are freelnce jobs online which are more lucrative than others.

And like every other market that exists online, the demand fluctuates every now and then. But depending on where you search, you might be able to find slighly different entries.

But the following 10 best paying freelance jobs you can secure online will help you make a better choic. And as I said earlier, it will all depend on your career choice.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you settle for a career you are expertised in; never make the mistake of expeimenting on a career you know nothing about.

10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Secure Online.

1. Writing Contents.

Content writing is a very popular and well paid career in the freelancing world. This might be due to the fact that it occupies a very versatile position.

Because you can write blog contents for a small online business; and also write how-to articles for a DIY website or funny couple stories on a wedding website.

There are various avenues you can take as a freelancer in this sector; and from experience most of them will get you well paid.

Freelance writers earn nothing less than $10 to $100 per article.

However earning from writing contents as a freelancer requires you to hon your skills and always find the right publications to be writing for.

2. Graphics Designer.

As a freelance graphics designer, you could be hired for any kind of visual-based project with which a company needs your help.

However, this will not necessarily require you to have art skills as there are lots of online apps that can help you get the job done in a jiffy.

Everything boils down to how you are able to necessitate the knowledge of reaching a specific target audience.

The popular work you can be hired for as a freelance graphics designer include; logos, business cards, letterheads, fliers, flex, billboards etc.

Finally on this point, freelancing graphics designers are on high demand; and you need to do some research and networking to reach potential clients.

3. Digital Marketing.

The rapid growth of social media platforms has made thi position or career to become more and more relevant as the day goes by.

Now businesses are hiring an entire team to focus on giving them a great social media presence.

And as a freelance digital marketing specialists, you are going to be in full control of the company’s social media platforms, and act all along as the said company online.

Though most company’s choose to employ a standby worker who will turn up for work everyday a their digitlal marketer, there are still lots of comapnaies who do not want to spend that much, and rather hire a freelancer, whom they think will be less expensive.

And your criterion for securing this freelnce job online is to be well versed in how best to use social media platforms for a specific need; for example building an audience or followers or working on improving the company’s SEO.

4. Patent Attorney

Recent reports by Everyday Money and US News, has it that a patent attorney is the highest paid career for freelancing online.

Freelance attorneys often charge about $100 an hour for a work they are mostly going to do with their computer.

The duty of a patent attorneys is to develop the process and stratgies for obtaining a patent.

They understand how to thoroughly research a client’s invention, the entirety of the patent application process, and, finally, how to write a patent that makes sure an invention is fully protected.

This freelance work is highly specialized, and it is good for patent lawyers who are willing to break away from a firm and pursue a freelance career their whole life.

While this freelance job is quite specialized, it is a perfect opportunity for patent lawyers to break away from a firm in pursuit of work-life balance.

5. Web and Software Development.

The duty of a web development freelancer is to build and maintain websites for individuals and businesses while that of a software freelancer is to program software that helps specific businesses to run their operations smoothly.

There also exists a flash developer in this field who is hired by a company to be in charge of building code for their websites.

This field of freelancing is very pronged, and you can build a very nice income stream if you are an expert in it.

6. Freelance Voice-Over Work.

Just below patent attorney, freelance voice-over work is also cited as one of the best paying freelance jobs you can secure online.

As the day goes by technology continues to improve and it’s getting to a point where voice-over actors can lend their voices in anything ranging from short films to audiobooks.

And if you have any acting experience, you can utilize your opportunity as a freelancer in this field.

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7. Certified Financial Adviser.

Online financial advice is growing so popular by the day; and is a choice career for most people who are advancing into freelancing.

This job truly helps people to become financially stable to an extent; for example it helps individuals prepare for their retirement and expectant parents who are starting a family to budget for a perfect home.

The only task in becoming a freelance financial adviser is that you need certification in a finance institution or firm to show as a proof.

Once you are able to get that, freelance will be fair game.

8. Public Relations Consultant.

This field in freelancing requires you to have a wider range of media knowledge than a digital marketer; even though both works towards achieving the same goal.

Both fields are responsible for all public relations strategies of a business or firm; including but not limited to media communication, strategizing, writing press releases, researching best practices, updating the companies website with events and press.

To become a public relations freelancer, you must have media connections as well as experience from a well known company.

9. IT Consultant.

As an IT consultant you must know how to troubleshoot. That is to say, you must have a vast knowledge of common IT issues as well as be able to detect foreign problems immediately.

You can get this by having an extensive technical support experience from a company or firm.

This freelance job can get you well paid; so long as you are not the kind of IT consultant that only knows how to switch on and off alone.

10. Project Management.

Project management is a very lucrative freelance job that comes with money and reputation.

To become a successful freelance project manager; you need to be able to mediate project objective discussions with an agreement between all parties as the end result.

In addition to that, professional project managers more often than not are remotely in charge of teams. Which means that they need to track progress and people efficiently.

Hiring out work to subcontractors and monitoring their work is also a task that project managers need to undertake.

This freelance job has so many things in common with a full-time job; but you can do it at your own pleasure and comfort of your home.


The above 10 best paying freelance jobs you can secure online spans a wide range of fields and professional strengths.

Therefore, if you are considering switching to a freelancing career, you can check out how to start in any one of the above. 

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